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Oasis: The Last Hope

Oasis: The Last Hope

Release Date:  July 22, 2012
Publisher:  6Waves
Developer:  6Waves
Genre:  Garden Management

Oasis: The Last Hope is a Facebook game that takes place on the planet of Oasis full of magic and adventures. You were not meant to arrive the land of Oasis, but you had an accident in your space exploration, failing on the Oasis, and ended up being entangled in mire. The game starts after you spent several hours and managed to get out of there, the place where your spaceship is failing.


The basics of the “Oasis: The Last Hope” formula is simple. You build your house by weeding out grass or wild flowers, purchasing animals around your yard, planting some vegetables for harvest as well as geting connected with your neighbors. As you catch fish, gather fruit, or clear grass, you will receive some bonus as your rewards like Gold, Experience. But Each action you take will consume energy, which will replenish as time goes ( 1 Energy every 5 minutes).

As you enter the game first time, a mini-story illustrated in the comics will be presented for you. If you have read it, you will have a basic understanding of the game’s story, but the story is also consistent with itself. Sometimes, you are in an unpopulated area; sometimes, you have a neighbor professor Stevens. It does not make sense in this respect, but all of that serves as a magical story that attempts to attract you stay long.

Perhaps, you are not the first person who settles in the land, so the land does not belong to you. as the professor explains: “There is one rule on Oasis – the land belongs to a person who will be the first one to settle it. You’d better start building your own house, as your search can last for a long time.”

At the beginning of the game, the simple gameplay reminds me of Ubisoft’s The Smurfs & Co on Facebook, but as I continue to explore and expand around the small plot off the shore, the game becomes more interesting as I thought. There is a quest that introduces a new face Nauraki and you can talk to him and develop your household.

After spending 2 hours in Oasis: The Last Hope, I started to imagine what will happen next.  Naturally, I opened the market located in the bottom of the main screen. There are dosens of tabs such as decorations, animals, plants and trees. Of all, I love Festivals because Oasis frequently hosts various festivals, where the best farmers compare the weight of giant vegetables and fruits that they have grown. That means you need to grow as much as vegetables and fruits in order to participate in such event.

The crafting mechanic works like that of Ghosts of Mistwood. What you have gathered such as Stone and Wood could help craft some simple structures.

Oasis: The Last Hope as a whole does not give me a surprise, nor it amuse me in some ways. The game is larded some interesting episodes of comics you may like. In the end, your goal is to build your garden as you do in Astro Garden.

2 Comments on Oasis: The Last Hope


  1. Kerry says:

    The Developer is Star Island Games, not 6Waves, they are the publishers.

  2. Betty Munroe says:

    I have been playing Oasis;The Last Hope for two years,now the computer says you game is risky,What has chainged.I play it on my computer all the time,now whats the difference,what has changed?

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