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Odin Quest

Odin Quest

Release Date:  July 24, 2012
Publisher:  DragonsMeet, DovoGame, GameBox
Developer:  DragonsMeet
Genre:  MMORPG

Odin Quest is a 2D fantasy browser-based MMORPG published by China-based Dragonsmeet under the platform Youjoy.com. The game, whose closed beta starts in July 24, 2012, allows players to quest through the world, learn skills, slay monsters, explore dungeons, and tame pets.

The gameplay in Odin Quest does bear a strong resemblance to that in WSgame’s Soul of Guardian, CooltoPlay’s Mythic Saga or R2game’s Crystal Saga and Broken Realm. All of the games share the same auto-questing and auto-killing.


Apart from the crisp pace of the game, the graphics of the game is decent. You can clearly see where and how you succeed, not like some games that let you win before you see where you are and who is opposite.

This is a business-game that can remember how many times you fly and walk. It allows you to sell (Double click to transfer it to the selling zone) what you own and less need. But to protect you from the ultimate folly, it forbids selling some basic items like medicine, primary materials for crafting advanced equipments. Then your items can appear in the on-sale list if you click it at the bottom line of the interface. There you can also choose whatever you need which are being sold by others.

The skills for each profession are unique. As a hunter, I can aim and shoot, or shoot a range aimlessly, do massive shooting or more complicated ones. Passive abilities include your resistance to tiredness, sleepiness, faint, disabling power from rivals and so on.

As to the character, you are a mature handsome tall woman at first, changed to a fat panda when enchanted by a witch to test how you collect yourself against the lure of bad influences, and when you get your first set of gear, you, surprisingly, become a short little girl. However, it still grows with the gaming, so does your pet.

Grouping is the climax and the real beginning of MMO. At least you cannot do everything alone from level 30 on.


Odin Quest seems to be another attempt by Chinese developers who are determined to flood the gaming market with identical titles. And it sucks.

You would obtain mounts and pets and travel around the worlds full of monsters of all kinds. Main quests, support quests, class quests and daily quests would keep you busy running from this NPC to that one to accept and turn in quests and then arrive at a specified place to slaughter scores of monsters. Once in a while, you might enter dungeons to kill all the 74 monsters that come up or take down all the cursed pirates and single-legged skulls to encounter the boss monster you should kill.

And that’s all about Odin Quest. The same gameplay could be found in many titles such as Mythic Saga, Soul of Guardian and Serenia Fantasy. In the Odin Quest, the pictures are blurry and the sound and music cannot be more tedious – no matter which attack you launch, the sound it makes remains the same.

With the mission tracking system, you are free from the trouble finding or remembering all the details. In battles, it is still working but not as efficiently as it is elsewhere. Since most of the battle-concerned quests involve killing of dozens of monsters or enemies, you would have to click the target name underlined in the task panel every time your character is done with killing one; otherwise, it would stand still. But if you click the AFK button, you would have your character attack enemies one after another until you stop it.

In dungeons, the mission tracking system is disabled but in the AFK mode, you would have no problems in taking down all the common monsters and enemies. But you’d better watch out when dealing with Boss monsters. For example, the monster that I have to defeat after getting rid of all the cursed pirates and single-legged skulls is actually an octopus that can create twins of itself by using tentacles, making the battle much more difficult. And there was one time that I was asked to kill as many Bosses as possible in a dungeon but my character circled the Boss, killed all the other monsters and enemies but just avoided encountering the Boss. In that case, I have to disable the AFK mode and battle it myself.

Although everything could be automatic throughout the game, you still have to keep your eyes on the interface. You may lose HP and MP very quickly, especially in dungeons and need refills with the HP and MP potions. To some extent, whether you will succeed in killing the bosses relies much on whether you have enough HP potions in stock. However, the potions rewarded after you complete mission are far from enough for you to battle all the monsters. Accordingly, if you would like to play as long as possible in the game, spending money would be unavoidable.

But that is not the only way of spending money in Odin Quest. For example, besides the class-specific kills, you are allowed to open up special skills using game currency obtained in the game and real money. And you have to pay to be admitted to the treasure hunting.

As I said, you may have to observe the battles carefully. But that is sort of torment because the protagonist and the opponents in battle are always in a mess. And it is even often the case that you might not be able to spot your character, which is surrounded the enemies. Therefore, there is a high chance you won’t enjoy the battles (for you have to kill enemies of the same type again and again) and also you won’t relish watching it with all the embattled characters in a mess and without any eye-catching visual effects.

I think the developers and publishers are not serious enough about Odin Quest, given the fact that quite a few Chinese characters can be seen in this international version. For instance, all the “mission accepted” and “mission completed” are all in Chinese. And that is, shameful.

List of Odin Quest Publishers and Platforms:

YouJoy:  http://oq.youjoy.com/

GameBox: http://oq.gamebox.com/

DovoGame: http://oq.dovogame.com/

Lekool: http://odinquest.lekool.com/

Kongregate: http://www.kongregate.com/games/YouJoy/odin-quest

18 Comments on Odin Quest


  1. Dakota Coon says:

    it was taken from world of warcraft

  2. only for who want pay for win other boring rpg farm game…

  3. imipak says:

    The quality of English is terrible, the combat system is terrible, if I wanted manga art I'd go to DA. I could write better.

  4. elisa says:

    this is the first time i play the odin quest i begin to love it….

  5. Diarmad says:

    wieso kommen deutsche spieler nicht mehr auf das spiel es wäre immer das passwort falsch. f

  6. guest says:

    You were muted for harassment and disrespecting a staff member. WhiteOwl did answer your questions, you REFUSED to goto the forum and instead harass him in the game while he was trying to help other players. You failed to mention how you made over a dozen alts just to talk trash to whiteowl and then do it again after he muted you.

  7. Joegreenbeen says:

    What company is this by?

  8. Whiteowl worst says:

    Well Guys
    Those who wants to play this game i would like to say one thing. Game play wise this game is pretty good but Helper named White owl support players whom he likes and mutes players who raises questions for his act. Let me explain if we talk something funny to other players and even though the other player doesn't mind it white owl mutes you. And being muted is really difficult in game. But the interesting part is white owl doesnt mute a particular player in game. I dnt want mention his name here. That player abuses people since he is very powerful in game and white owl is deaf and dumb at that moment saying "I just logged in" or " I was AFK" if we repeatedly question him he will mute us .Helpers are not gods so quit your childish act and run neutral game other than supporting rich players who buys a lot from your website. This post is from a guy who got affected by white owls stupidity. __/__

  9. why can't i connect? it always says error.

  10. Anonymous449 says:

    …this article ended with saying that Chinese characters are shameful. Wow. Racist much?

  11. mdntdragon says:

    played for half a day and most of it staring at 1 quest that bothers me… ingame quests should NEVER require you to buy anything from the item mall.

    the quest for the epic weapon (pre lv 50) requires than you purchase an item from the item mall and trade it to an NPC to get this weapon that is supposedly "invincible until level 50.

    no other game I've played has ever made this demand.

  12. Anthony says:

    Fuck oins scammed me for 400$ pieces of shit no good fucking japs!! go to hell odin's quest and youjoy fuck yourselves assholes!!!

  13. speed says:

    good game

  14. Hello my friends. i'm new player. if i need your HELP, i hope you can help me averytimes i needed. thanks 🙂

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