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Odin Quest S3 Unicorn to Launch Tomorrow September 4, 2012

Sara Lau
Sep 3,2012  12:09 by

YouJoy just dropped us a piece of news that they are preparing for the upcoming launch of the third server of Odin Quest, which remarkably attracts 500K registered users since the closed beta last month. The new server, which is scheduled to open at 5:00 AM September 4, 2012 (PDT), targets new and old players who wish to play in a totally new world.

According to Jia He, the project manager of Odin Quest, the game enjoys a surprisingly great momentum in terms of daily active users, which pushes the Odin Quest team forward to another new high level with player’s feedback and suggestion largely executed.

Below are some tips for fast levelup.

In the game, you can challenge bosses in a great number of dungeons for more fun after reaching lv50. But it would be a bit difficult to level up. That’s the time when your focus should be getting high quality equipments to make your rating higher.

There are several ways to level up you should do in your daily gaming.

The 1st daily must is to completing 3 daily escorts.

The 2nd daily must is Dragon’s Lair, where you will obtain abundant EXP, especially when you challenge this dungeon using the 1.4x Exp Card.

Daily Quests can be refreshed to Orange for bountiful EXP.

Last one, I believe, is visiting your Class Registration to finish the 1st 10 round quests.

As a player of lv50+, you must have several awesome equipments to increase your rating to make sure you are safe in exploring Odin Quest. To get the best quality equipments, you should definitely farm in Burning Church everyday, where you can collect pieces of fragment of the purple items.

You can also team up and visit NPC-Linney Hugo to challenge Advanced Dugeon Battle in Elfhaim to obtain awesome purple accessories.

Official Website: http://oq.youjoy.com/

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  1. crolik says:

    i very love this game ODEN QUEST S3

  2. alireza says:

    iwanna play

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