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Odin Quest: The First Open Beta Server Launches

Sara Lau
Aug 7,2012  02:08 by

YouJoy, an online browser game publisher who has successfully published DDTank and Call of Gods, today announced their latest game Odin Quest will be officially launched at 17:00, August 7 ( PDT), 2012. Odin Quest is a highly expected MMORPG that features fast-paced and smooth level-up, multiple classes, and dungeon exploration of different levels.

“Odin Quest is going to re-define the browser game.” Said, J. Wang, CEO of YouJoy,”We are proud of publishing this game in North America and beyond. And it has already been extremely successul in Mainland Chian thanks to its console quality graphics and engaging gameplay. It offers various fun elements tailored to users of different age groups. Moreover, it is free to play and browser-based without any download required.”

Odin Quest team has given special thanks and ingame rewards to players who have participated in closed beta test and helped polish the game. The current version of Odin Quest can be considered mature and ready-to-go. Although some of the advanced features are to add to the game as updates eventually after the game releases, the open beta server will include the most exciting features like dungeon challenge (single player/multi-player) and alliance war.

The game is an MMOARPG based on Nordic myth. It employs revolutionary self-developed browser game engine and gives players more freedom to play the game through the Auto system (like auto-walking, auto AFK farming etc.). The game also encourages players to interact, make friends in the highly-rewarded dungeons that require players to enter as a team. Cooperation will be an essential element in the challenge.

The game is now available and free-to-play on Youjoy.com. The trial mode gives players an option to play without even registering with the site. For more information about Odin Quest, please visit www.youjoy.com.

5 Comments on Odin Quest: The First Open Beta Server Launches


  1. balder says:

    guys test it out – its a good game! if you dont have problems using afk bot (ingame) you will enjoy it – alot stuff needs a team (join an alliance for that) to do (till lv50) and its better (for me) that those other new games like mythic saga or older game like crystal saga or dragon born (i played them all). its a browser arpg so its grindy ofc but since you drop stuff which gives you a good option to play without shop (till now lv50+) and grind is afkbotting you wont regret it. ofc shop gives you advantages but its not needed (till now) greetings and try it out….balder

  2. Donna Reynolds says:

    What is going on with Odins Quest I can not get into it. Is there issues with the game.

  3. Donna Reynolds says:

    The game is awesome. iIwant to keep playing it but I cant seem to find it online anywhere .Please help.

  4. Alex Sam Thomas says:

    The game is good.

  5. Victor Mayes says:

    Have not played it yet. Friends have told me that it is reeeaally good. I hope they are right.

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