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Offensive Combat

Offensive Combat

Release Date:  July 10 2012
Publisher:  u4iagames
Developer:  u4iagames
Genre:  Shooter

Offensive Combat is a browser-based first-person shooter for multi-platforms like browser and mobile devices (Currently only available for browsers on PC or Mac). Developed by a newly founded studio U4iA, Offensive Combat delivers fast-paced action gameplay with fully customizable characters and weapons, as well as some humorous elements.


Offensive Combat will take place in a fantasy world where lizards fight against each other with diverse hi-tech weapons. The revealed screenshot shows an intense battle scene as well as the image of lizard warriors. Green head, gawky eyes and slim limbs are the basic impression those fighters leave on you.

As for the background environment, the overall texture is exquisite with mountains of all shapes and weapons of all functions. For example, there are laser guns, machine guns, and cannons which can be unlocked and used to deal with your opponents. The layout of the setting also adds some difficulty to the battle. It is important to take over the vantage point so that you can launch attacks against your foes without being easily shot. The founders of U4iA are veteran developers behind some popular titles, like Call of Duty, so maybe Offensive Combat deserves our attention to wait for a while.


Offensive Combat, which works as a massively multiplayer online shooter or MMOFPS for short, really does stand out from the crowd in large part because it is well delivered on web browsers with fairly flowing performance, and in other part because it shows its resplendent gorgeousness of arcade or comic style visual design on par with console games.

As produced by U4iA Games, Offensive Combat offers me a funny yet thrilling moment, involving familiar game modes (Free for all, Team Deathmatch, Capture the Flag and Capture Point), – character and weapon customizations, as well as fast-paced action.

If you have never installed a Unity Engine plugin, you should be promoted to install such a tiny gadget in your computer before running the game on your browsers. I had downloaded the plugin to play a couple of Unity3D -powered browser games such as BattleStar Galactica online, Age of Titans, Moonlight Online over months, so I was immediately brought into the game home screen after I logged in the game, .

No tutorial or a training room is involved at the beginning of the game and what you can do is directly join one of the four gaming modes, or click “play the game” button and the system will automatically assign you to a random map. To my mind, much attention should be paid to this part because not always players who played Call of Duty like to play this game, but some newbies to MMOFPS would join the game because it is considered as a free to play browser game that requires a relative low system requirement. I recently played a cartoon MMOFPS Brick Force. It does a job on this part and it turns out to be successful.

Maps are well designed with plenty of open areas, and piles of obstacles in the battlefield and despite of a very limited five maps available. There is a map Called Ghetto Balster, a delightful third world shanty town filled with maze-like pathways and hidden sniper points. And the space-themed map Disasteroids allows you to skyrocket to space and fight your way against your opposing team in the Milky. Each map constitutes a distinctive characteristic with different theme. Nevertherless, all of that will serve a positive purpose: players could easily remember how the areas and buildings are structured. As you play a few campaigns, all would become very expected and predictable. At this time, controls, as well as equipments and armor you loaded become more important.

Back to the home screen, you will have a variety of customizable options, ranging from weapon, character, consumable, and Pwn. The character loadout is highly personalized. You can change your look by purchasing items with coins that can be looted during your campaign. The head items include Head of Duty, Panda Suit Head and Tera Craft Head, Cowboy head, Yeti head, etc. But the items can only be in effect for 30 days at most and they are used based on your character’s level. Other cosmetics like Chest armor also only work for dress-up, which drives away the unbalanced mechanism if attack or defense attributes are embedded.

Take a “Capture a Flag” match for example, killing an enemy will earn you Coins, which can be used to level up your account and purchase some weapons, perks, and other cosmetics. Meanwhile, you will be rewarded with Experience points useful to level up your account. For those experienced gamers, they may go over the dead for a Pwn, which works as a stimulating social communication, or an insulting gesture. Perhaps next time, the winners become vulnerable and they will be waiting for enemy’s dancing on their grave.

Each player has 100 health points in a match, but the points can be refilled manually or automatically if they you are not engaging yourself in a battle. Fundamentally, the full health is enough, but if you are attacked with a headshot, that is another story.

To conclude, Offensive Combat is a great attempt to bring a MMOFPS onto web browsers and it is not the first time such genre has brought into web browsers, but it could guarantee an unprecedented top-notch console-quality FPS on Internet.

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  1. ElfSniper says:

    Take this beta key =D

  2. Guilherme says:

    how do I play?

  3. Assasin says:

    HOW DO YOU PLAY THE GAME! In Closed Beta actually..

  4. martin says:

    offensive combat awesome game!!

  5. ElfSniper says:

    OP here.
    all comment with my nickname are not me.

  6. christopher says:

    your'e a fartbag elf sniper

  7. captaincrunch says:

    well, now its open beta everybody can play by simply signing up. 😛 my name (captaincrunch) is my ingame name. feel free to add me as friend

  8. street1920 says:

    Is this in closed beta?

    Street – admin of Free Games

  9. drakefirex says:

    this game is rlly fun not at all wht i was expecting, add me im …. drakefirex ingame lvl 40 out of 50

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