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OJO Agent

OJO Agent

Release Date:  April 4, 2012
Publisher:  Jogonaut, LLC.
Developer:  Jogonaut, LLC.
Genre:  Simulation

OJO Agent is a Facebook game in which you sign your favorite Athletes, negotiate to sign blockbuster endorsements, build Offices and compete with your friends.


In OJO Agent, you are such sports agent that manages the relationship with athletes of various professions and competences.

Start an entertainment event for one of your clients to enhance his satisfaction degree and attract other athletes. Then, some athlete, a football or a hockey player, will approach and voice his desires, which you have to fulfill one by one. In some cases, you have to call that player yourself and talk him into your representation, hopefully. Clay Rapada, the pitcher from New York Yankees that I chose, told me to get lost over the phone and I had nothing else to do but to hang up. I didn’t give up, however, and made another call and succeeded in adding him in my Prospects list this time.

That is never the end of the story. You have to make prospects happy – by sending presents. Buy him a Sony Bravia 60’’ LED TV, a bottle of Remy Martin Louis XIII Cognac, an Armani Classic Tuxedo, or Davidoff Pur d’Oro Magnificos Cigars, or you can even rent a chartered jet or bring his pet for pet Psychic therapy. Of course, the smaller the player’s capacity, the more easily he gets pleased. Anyway, increase an athlete’s happiness to 100, which is the maximum value, and then it is possible to start up a pitch event.

If you are lucky enough, he will receive your pitch and become your client. When negotiating the endorsement contract with the player, you are supposed to get the largest amount of money for the shortest period of time, which surely varies depending on which player you are dealing with. I persuaded an athlete into receiving 1.75 million dollars. Once the contract expires, or as the game puts it, after you accumulate experience of the term specified in the contract, 2 years for example, you will obtain 10% of the athlete’s income. Nonetheless, there is a chance that you may be unable to land a player. After about two hours into this game, I found myself in no position to progress any more. The task instructs me to complete a successful pitch. After sending several gifts I did improve Willie Bloomquist’s happiness to 100 but the pitching requires a lot more than I can manage to achieve. Making lots of efforts in vain, I couldn’t figure out a single way to get out of this trouble other than spending real cash.

OJO Agent guides players with lots of tips and instructions. Not that it is redundant. Given a theme as sophisticated as this, the tutorial in whatever form is destined to be detailed. But to my dismay, the game is obviously playable for everyone excluding freemium players.

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