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Onigiri Online

Onigiri Online

Release Date:  2013
Publisher:  CyberStep
Developer:  CyberStep
Genre:  MMORPG

Onigiri Online is an action MMORPG featuring a non-auto-targeting combat system. The game takes place in an ancient and mythological Japan, a world where the human race and non-human races such as Oni (ogres) and Youkai (devils) coexist.

In the game, players play as either a human or an Oni, and adventure across the expansive world, with many cities and landmarks. With friends and companions in arms, players will fight against devils from the netherworld during their pursuit of the shadow clan Goikkou. Onigiri aims to provide an exciting system with breathtaking battles against Youkai, visually stunning skills, precise combat, and many types of weapons that players can change during combat. Players may also invite their friends for epic boss battles, or craft weapons and costumes of their very own.


Currently, the game is available in Japan for alpha testing and the international version may not be available until next year. And we may review the Japanese version when it is released.

10 Comments on Onigiri Online


  1. NONE girl says:

    no pictures ???

  2. Do NOT trust C$ says:

    Do not trust this company. Ask about them on their CosmicBreak message board. They are known as C$ and Cyberscam. All of their games are Pay2Win and they never ever listen to their players. Expect this game to be poorly coded and to have lots of females with exposed bodies that you will have to pay real money for, that is their business model.

  3. kupalogs99 says:

    why this game make Sucks in loading and updating this suckz

  4. owel james says:

    this game is actually great im an alpha tester ps. the only problem for my opinion is the mobs could kill you in 3 or 4 hits if you dont know how to dodge or block

  5. Burbon on Rocks says:

    The alpha test was great, actually the difficulty level is kinda epic (never played a MMO that kills you off at level 3 or 4 so many times xD).. I hope they dont nerf it, there were few issues with it, but this is practicly the only MMO that got me really interested and willing to try it after the test phase.

  6. emzadz says:

    im a alpha test too i love this game..i reach lvl38 i like the graphics and specially the custumes 🙂

    i will wait the release of this game..
    cant wait..the alpha test is done..

    and many quest are bug..
    if they fix the all bugs.. party,quest,monsters etc.

    its cool to play..

    i like this game

  7. Shukono Sama says:

    well i did play little but my pc is getting lacky more so i didnt get chance to finish the lvl

  8. iL-[M]atado[R] says:

    why the loading is sooooo sloww

  9. Hayley says:

    can you play on a mac?

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