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  • Gameglobe

  • Posted on  Sep 4,2012  09:09 , by Sara Lau
  • Bigpoint together with Square Enix have developed a highly customizable game: Gameglobe, which features avatar customizing, map editing and creations sharing. Review: I’m very delightful to join the beta test with all my curiosity. Setting avatars has always been an absorbing part to me. In Gameblobe, various elements are provided for you to decorate your characters and make them distinctive. However there are not as many choices as I expected. Since there are nine available parts for you to customize, it is hard to discover two characters of the same appearance. Every decoration part can be tried on without purchasing. […] read »

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Free Draco
  • Free Draco

  • Posted on  Aug 13,2012  09:08 , by Sara Lau
  • Free Draco is a free role-playing adventure game from Upjers, a German-based developer behind popular games including My Free Farm, Free Aqua Zoo and Kapi Hospital. In a medieval fantasy world, you will take the role of dragon warriors and have your own dragons. You will encounter powerful enemies such as the monsters, undead, wizards and creepy creatures and you would always have to bring your fire-breathing dragons to battles. And to ensure victories, you constantly increase the number of your dragons and at the meantime enhance their strength, dexterity and endurance. As you progress in Free Draco, you will […] read »

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Diablo 3
  • Diablo 3

  • Posted on  Jun 13,2012  02:06 , by Sara Lau
  • Diablo 3 has been released by Blizzard for about a month. A steady flow of mixed evaluations and continuous heated discussions indicate that Diablo 3 is a great success to some degree. As we all know, Blizzard set up 6 skill slots and 24 unique skills for players to choose from and they claimed that less than 1% players will use exactly the same skill builds. However later on, they introduced a punishment mechanism under which stacks of NV Buff that are gained through killing elite demons and monsters in the inferno mode, will be removed upon your switching a […] read »

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Smoo Online
  • Smoo Online

  • Posted on  May 23,2012  02:05 , by Sara Lau
  • Smoo Online is a new type of free to play mmo, which focuses on competing with other players in many exciting mini games. cell phone spy software The games of Smoo online mix classic gameplay sytles like capture the flag and other arcade favorites with a modern multiplayer twist. Players compete in multiplayer mini games to earn experience and coins which can be sued to unlock new games, levels, custom skins and more. Part of the fun of unlocking new levels in each game is the custom themes used for each. One level will take place in a viking village […] read »

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Zombies Online
  • Zombies Online

  • Posted on  May 15,2012  08:05 , by Sara Lau
  • Zombies Online (previously Gunshine) is a 3D MMORPG presented in 45 degree isometric view. The game features a familiar shooter experience with a grand synchronous gaming world, which is barely seen before in browser based game. Typically, all selectable classes within almost every MMORPG can be mainly divided into three main categories: tanks, healers and DPS’ers. Of course, Zombies Online is not an exception. There are three character classes available to choose from: Boyguard, Doctors and Hunters. Speaking of game graphics, they just defied my expectations. The game presentation doesn’t look all that great. Because of the game engine limitation, […] read »

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Dragon Crusade
  • Dragon Crusade

  • Posted on  Apr 26,2012  03:04 , by Sara Lau
  • Dragon Crusade, or 7 Dragons 2 (Chinese: 七龙纪), is a free to play text-based browser game developed by China-based Sun-Ground and published by Aeria Games. The first title 7 Dragons was published by OutSpark while Dragon Crusade is a mix of renamed and revamped version of 7 Dragons, but it does not take much difference than “7 Dragons” is. The central gameplay of the game works like that of Travian and players build their own village or city, train troops, grow heroes and colonize other territories. The game includes 6 races, various buildings and dungeons. Review: Dragon Crusade made me realize […] read »

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My Free Zombie
  • My Free Zombie

  • Posted on  Apr 23,2012  03:04 , by Sara Lau
  • My Free Zombie is a quirky browser game which takes you to a dark world infested with countless rotten zombies, starving werewolves and morbid monsters. Wearing torn rags and dragging nibbled limps, they are wreaking havoc on your neighborhood and threatening all living creatures. There is not even one safe corner to hide from those creepy beasts. The only way is to fight for your survival and dignity! Climbing out of cemetery, you assume the role of an undead and customize your own zombie. Though it may sounds horrid, you can choose any body parts and assemble them together to […] read »

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Lost of Legend (Legends Lost)
  • Lost of Legend (Legends Lost)

  • Posted on  Apr 12,2012  03:04 , by Sara Lau
  • Lost of Legend (Now Legends Lost) is a browser-based real-time MMORPG by Wondershare Games, which publishes Call of Gods and Soul of Guardian. In contrast with Soul of Guardian, which features mercilessly smashing monsters in perilous dungeons that may largely excite and satisfy casual players, Lost of Legend creates a surreal and unimaginable world where intensive and competitive quests are provided for hardcore players. Overview: The core gameplay consists of completing quests, slaying monsters, hunting for treasure and raising pet and mount. Players will gain experience points based on level-up and monster hunting. Some low quality armor and weapons can […] read »

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  • Farmerama

  • Posted on  Apr 9,2012  03:04 , by Sara Lau
  • Farmerama is an online farming simulation game developed by Bigpoint, a Germany-based gaming company behind Zoomumba, and Battlestar Galactica Online. The game gives players a farm where they can grow and harvest crops and raise animals. Review: These days, there are too many farming games available for you to play. Most of them may start off exciting and brilliant but quickly lose their appeal. No sooner had they been rolled out than they lost their competitive edge. They became deserted soon and were even abandoned by their developers. However, Farmerama is a matured, heavily played farming simulation game which has […] read »

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  • RedFire

  • Posted on  Apr 6,2012  02:04 , by Sara Lau
  • Redfire is a WWIII-themed strategy MMO launched by ClapAlong, a China-based gaming company hosting games such as Batheo, Castlot and a few RPG titles. The closed beta of Redfire was launched at 21:00 on April 5, 2012 in North America. Overview: The deteriorating relations among world’s superpowers, coupled with a severe shortage of resources, force you to take up arms among unbearable chaos and incessant conflicts. Since Redfire is set in the near future, you will have access to a wide variety of avant-garde weapons which make the battle scenarios all the more thrilling. What’s more, you can also take […] read »

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