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Operation Gamma 41

Operation Gamma 41

Release Date:  2011
Publisher:  Just A Game
Developer:  ZQGame
Genre:  Strategy

Operation Gamma 41 (OG41) is a browser game set in the world war 2 where two factions “Free Confederation” and “Allied imperial Force” confront each other. The game tries to innovate itself from its beginning, but finally falls into a city building and empire building mechanism, which has been used in many browser MMOs such as Global Warfare, WII Rage and many more I have listed in the end of this article.

The game, fundamentally, transforms itself into a new look under its previous title War 2 Glory, which has already been reborn as Dawn of Nations, The Stratagems and War 2 victory that is from iPhone Store.

I do not want to give too much comments about this game since I was hating the act of co-publishing, or something remake, rebuild, redesign, reloaded, which subconsciously urges me to keep away from. While Operation Gamma 41 is just what I am talking about, it is never a new game, but a shallow or superficial revamp only in the game’s login and account creation, which ends up with a city builder.

If you are interested in exploring the Chinese version of OG41, check the Chinese official website (绝地战争) to learn more. While if you are foreign to Chinese characters, we may help you register an account. Follow us and leave your message!

The Other Facts:

I was reminded of this copycat a few months ago when a Chinese friend of mine from ZQGame.com told me his team was in touch with A German game publisher “Just A Game” for the potentially exclusive distribution of “战争之路” in North America and European Regions like Germany and Poland. Why is ZQGame, the developer of Operation Gamma 41 (OG 41), so urgently proactive to sell out it?

In retrospect, it is not hard to draw a conclusion on that. ZQGame has a better game than “War 2 Glory” “Just A Game” is running now. Most importantly, the game is a copycat version of a successful product “War 2 Glory”.


Different from other warfare online game I’ve played, Operation Gamma 41 tells the whole background information before entering the game, which makes the methods, the tasks and other must-know things quite clear. It’s so wisely designed; otherwise I’ll be lost in guessing what the game tries to tell me. The story is set in 1941, when the world was in chaos.

Let’s save words about the visual and audio effects…they’re just ok. Gold is the in-game currency here, while you can earn it by completing the ‘story mission’ and getting gifts of time-based rewards.

Entering the game, the interface looks quite complicated. Besides the normal bars showing resources, health, gold and the chat panel, most of the interface shows the whole city you’re about to take control. It includes all kinds of military factories, headquarter, airport, armory, siege workshop, etc. It could be the most complicated interface I’ve ever experienced. But the goal is clear, take care of the city and manage the army.

Since it involves city-building, the same stuff comes out again. The key words here are, building and upgrading. Get more resources (steel and lumber) as possible, upgrade all the equipment and buildings, and level-up the character…I mean, most of city-building games have the same steps. I thought Operation Gamma 41 is a war-themed game, but it turned out to be a more strategic and not action style. Reallocate your population to different sites and help produce the supplies.

Once you cannot do anything on the screen, don’t panic! It’s not your computer’s fault. Pay attention to your right top, there must be a red sparkling sigh, meaning your city is under ATTACK! Just as I thought it finally allows me to do some fieldwork, I find it wrong again. This game always reminds me of the fact that it is all about strategy, not action. So my first war lasts less than 1 minute, and I kinda ‘wiped out the enemies’. God, I didn’t move a finger during the war!

However, I did learn something important from this type of games. Just like ‘All War in Rome’, OG41 tells me to raise the tax rate from 10% to 50% during wartime. The army needs money in upgrading, so as to fight against the enemies. Recruit and arm the soldiers, and transfer them to the Commander. This time, you have the capability and courage to launch an attack! How exciting. Launching an attack is far more interesting than being attacked. You can lead the whole process, like moving your army and fire, etc. Enjoy your game.

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  4. hogdwarf says:

    where do i find the required Beta Key for the Game ?

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  12. Brad Cole says:

    I'll have one please lol

  13. […] Operation Gamma 41 is truly an amazing find for anybody who is interested in a fun, catchy experience and seemingly timeless. It offers plenty of amazing aspects to keep the gamer hooked. On first joining this game you’re taken into an enthralling back story which will have you instantaneously sucked into the story behind the making, alternatively you can chose to skip this intro however I strongly advise anybody who plays this game to watch and enjoy this feature. In terms of what this represents, it is the first indication of the creator’s attention to detail within this game. Before you even start playing you are already being tempted by this additive game. […]

  14. Dennis Culhane says:

    I'm interested in trying out some browser games. they seem to have come a long way from a few years ago. I'd like to try Operation gamma 41 if you have any keys left.

  15. dom says:

    i am loving this game it still needs work but i like it and would love one of those 'exclussive keys' 🙂

  16. Kappakupo says:

    One please, hope it's not too late!

  17. baldrick says:

    Deffo addictive! Think I've spent about a week playing this game altogether!
    I went Axis, couldn't resist being the bad guys!

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  19. himmler41 says:

    do u have any keys left

  20. HydeInc says:

    I'll have one if you still have any

  21. MrMark says:

    Could i have one of those codes if theyre still going

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  23. Tom B says:

    Just found this game, quality! Since the major update, the game is running smooth as silk and me and my legion mates are planning some takedowns haha! I've recommended it to my best mates so we have an edge but I'd definitely recommend it to others!

  24. ReaperG says:

    I have been playing the game for about 4 months now and i can say that its way superior to the games of Just a Game or any other compa.y i jave seen. It keeps you really focused and interested. It alsi has a plot that makes it even more fun to play. Hope more people can join and try it

  25. Mike says:

    Not all that superior to the 1000's of its ilk that are constantly being churned out of the turd factory.
    Expect your standard cash shop item heavy "Strategy" pyramid game 2% on the top and 85% of players on the bottom.
    Dozens of available unit types of which you and the entire community will only ever use 2 of.
    Standard "Spend over £100 in the cash shop" quests to give the 2% with more money than penis the edge they need to "be the best". (Seriously, include those shiny pixels with the product at a retail price of half that and watch it collect dust on the shelves).
    One feature sold to me was "epic story driven quests that will effect the entire server" but what you will get is a bar graph.
    Scores of broken or uncoded features such as mass mail for alliances and the ability to garrison troops at your friends bases,
    Piss poor translations, which players have offered to correct many, many times.
    The developers by their own admission have little love or interest for their product just the contents of our wallets. Oh and support from GM's is next to none if something does (and most likely will) go wrong.
    They have opened a 2nd server and by their own admittance killed their first one by doing so, they are now merging the servers to try and correct this. Then inevitably they will open another in time and like every game of its type this will nail the coffin lids on any servers before it attracting no new players. So do not invest if you expect these games to stand any test of time.

    If the average browser game like Travian or Evony is 2/10 then this scrapes a 3 only for being able to control your troops in battle… Except when it bugs and the AI will take over and murder your entire army lol. (Happened to a few friends of mine). Overall: Same shit, different name. Disappointingly unprofessional and a lazy pyramid scheme. Expect it to fold within a year and reopen with a different theme. If you have nothing better to do with your money and need to be seen as an achiever by maybe 100 other people then this is definitely for you.

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  27. ttrot says:

    keys plkease

  28. vince says:

    one kay plsssss

  29. scorp21 says:

    Been playing this for months now was good but now there is no support at all all for the game total waste of time

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  31. ninjaman113 says:

    WTF Happened to this game? I can't log on…

  32. tas bonia says:

    Write more, thats all I have to say. Virtually, it seems as
    though you relied on the video to make your point. You obviously know what you’re
    talking about, why waste your intelligence on just posting videos to your site when you
    could be giving us something informative to read?

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