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Order & Chaos Online

Order & Chaos Online

Release Date:  2011
Publisher:  GameLoft
Developer:  GameLoft
Genre:  iPhone MMORPG

In the entire universe, balance is always maintained by contradictory symmetries, such as Yin and Yang, plus and minus, as well as positive and negative. Counteractive powers are stuck in the opposite side of a seesaw, one rising and the other falling, one waxing and the other waning. The eternal tug of war sees no end and acknowledges no constant winner. It is based on this truism that the wrestle between Order and Chaos goes full throttle.

Order& Chaos Online developed by Gameloft is an iPhone MMO game that mixes action and adventure against a fantasy backdrop. Since this game is launched into market, it has aroused series of heated discusses about its lack of originality, to be more exactly, about its imitation of World of Warcraft. While it is not surprising for any game to use the commonplace fantasy theme in Medieval Age, it is rather controversial for OCO to adopt the similar or even same interface style, rookie quests, item icons and other core elements which are recognizable for gamers knowing WOW well. Perhaps, this complaint about its imitation is somewhat overstated due to the shadow cast by its developer Gameloft reputed as copycat in the game industry.

Yet setting aside the issue of originality, players can still spot some highlights in this game. As the proverb goes that to see is to believe, players, once logging in, will probably be impressed by the terrific in-game graphics with both the whole landscapes and individual character images being catchy and pleasant to eyes. Further, there are four optional races including Human, Elf, Orca and Undead with different histories and physical attributes attached to them. After choosing the race, players can create their own characters and customize their looks including skin, hairstyle and face. Then it is the class-choice phase, during which players can select the most favored from four types listed as Warrior, Ranger, Mage and Monk. Once the preparatory work is straightened, players can plunge into the core of the game: quest and combat. Normally players will start with the introductory rookie quests such as slaying wolves or swains in a farm to gain experience, excise fighting skills and collect initial items, etc. And players in this game are allowed to at one time take up to twelve quests, each being different to enrich gaming experiences.

Order & Chaos Online is a game commented with divided opinions with some favoring it and others thinking otherwise. Whether it is worth playing or not, there is only one way to find out, that is, to play it.

Not only is Gameloft one of the most productive development firms when it comes to games for mobile devices, but also a leading dominance in Apple’s AppStore. MMORPG Order & Chaos Online for iPhone and iPad not only promises to bring the MMORPG fascination for mobile devices, but also to revolutionize the gaming experience.

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