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Release Date:  2012
Publisher:  Gamigo

Otherland, the best-selling works around 2000 by Tad William, is by no means strange to science fiction zealots. And now this fantastic multiverse world, which is teeming with countless virtual reality termed simply as the Net depicted in the fiction, will come into life vividly in the virtual cyber space of its namesake MMO.

Adapted from the fiction, the MMO Otherland has begun early in 2006 by Singapore-based RealU studio that affiliates to the Germany DTP Entertainment. After nearly six years’ hard work, this blockbuster is probably next to completion and scheduled to enter beta testing in early 2012 with registrations started right now.

According to the latest news report, the European game-publisher Gamigo (behind Jagged Alliance Online and UFO Online) has officially been authorized to its exclusive license of the free-to-play multiplayer online version for North America and Europe, while DTP Entertainment keeps its retail business worldwide.

Now let’s come back to the game itself. From the debut trailer available online, we can conceive the first general imprint about this Sci-Fi action-driven fantasy Otherland. What is eye-catching in the first place is the in-game graphic which from the background scenarios to individual figures all demonstrates the technological power of the Unreal Engine 3 applied to it. Role-playing what one wants to be, the player can lead his/her unique character created by e-DNA, setting foot in this multiverse-integrated world, traveling from one squad of virtual reality to another, and delving into an adventurous journey that has to fight through. E-DNA, the code of virtual life, is ubiquitous in this world that players can extract it from rocks, collect it out of trees and even rob defeated opponents of it.

As illustrated in the short trailer, there are at least four general simulations for players to game around. To be specific, the Mars turns out to be a red planet with Dark secret for players to explore across orient-styled architectures; the Eight-Squared puts onstage 64 squares of grand medieval war by dramatized chess pieces on the chessboard-like area; the Lambda Mall is the pleasure zone, home to bars, clubs and hang-out arenas, where players can freely chitchat and relax in mini-games such as dancing and aerial-combat matches; and the Myland provides the private space, or virtual reality in this game, for players to leisurely conduct activities including creating and populating figures out of accumulated e-DNA, etc.

To explore this vast, diversified world, players may try different means with riding, flying, hovering and surfing all possible. With action at the core of gameplay, Otherland has adopted a Non-target style that would delight players with dazzling visual effects of their avatars’ combat. It is definitely cool to excise sweeping blows and stylish swings to fall down all enemies at once only if they are within the hitting range.

Otherland is still in development with more simulation world worked on. Once this 22nd century world embraces us in, we would not be surprised to find that Otherland surprises us all.

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