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Release Date:  July 2012
Publisher:  EA
Developer:  Insomniac Games
Genre:  Social Game

Outernauts is a Facebook-based social RPG game developed by Insomniac Games and to be published by EA. Following the concept implemented in Pokemon-styled games, Outernauts allows players to explore the sci-fi universe where they are able to collect and train alien creatures, battle against space pirates or Sludge Co. and harvest loot and etc.


A promising social game, often and always, encourages players to keep exploring fun, humor and depth beyond the gameplay itself. Outernauts exactly does the way nothing more than an engaging storyline narrated through your Outernauts superhero and non-player controlled characters.  As a member of United Earth’s elite Outernaut force, you’ll encounter both friends and foes as you uncover the riddle behind the mysterious “ancients” while battling pirates and evil corporations seeking to control the galaxy. The story is permeated into each mission you accepted, which could convince you a surprising scenario. Aliens in the galaxy are mysterious, so is the game world.

Outernauts is basically a sci-fi version of Pokémon, or to be exact, it is a combination of Pokémon and Miscrits in outer space. When it comes to the gameplay, Outernauts resembles a lot with Pokemon, but it is hard to say Outernauts is Pokemon because Outernauts possesses social options, energy system, 3v3 fighting, and multiplayer mode.  It is safe to say Outernauts is just Miscrits in many ways, though The game departs From Pokémon clichés.


In Outernauts, the protagonist is more of an energy consumer rather than an astronaut itself.

You start the game by capturing a beast for your own. There are five types of beasts available, among which you will have to choose. And with this beast you’ve got, you will battle against corporations and pirates.

With a home planet of your own, you will travel back and forth between an active planet and your home planet. Before the first flight to any of the planets, you must ensure you have got enough fuel for the aviation.

Whenever you get close to any beast, you will be involved in combats. The protagonist only does the talking and once the battle starts, it backs off so that the beasts could fight for it. The opposing party might be the beasts you run into or those belong to the evil pirates or corporations you meet.

When you are confronted with one beast, you only have to click the appropriate beast of you and select among the skills in each turn. When multiple beasts are concerned, you will have to choose not only the skill but also the target within limited time.

The beasts accumulate experience through attending battles and acquire a new ability every time they level up. Each beast can master a maximum of four skills and once you acquire a fifth skill, you will have to choose to forget one of the five. And of course, if you are willing to pay, you will have extra slots for abilities. In battles, the skills are used at the cost of stamina, which means that if your beast is low in stamina, it would not be able to unleash some or all of its skills. Good news is that your beast can take a nap to recover five stamina points. Upon beasts’ upgrades, you are allowed to assign points to their tributes to enhance them. But those enhancements don’t come easy – you can have them only after spending Star Gems.

And you won’t always be busy defeating beasts. You may also have to remove thick grass in your way, harvest from trees, and build structures on your home planet. All those activities, including battles actually, consume energy and increase your experience points.

But the game is taken as a pure treasure bowl, which is obvious in almost all the details. Extra skills slots for beasts can be unlocked after you spend money; you can improve beasts’ performance by using Star Gems; if any beasts died in battles, you are supposed to revive them by using Revita water and replenish its HP by feeding them food like Sol Berry. Let alone the always irritating energy system that almost every Facebook game possesses. I was pissed off by that overly aggressive approach to making money. Correct me if I were wrong, but isn’t it the best marketing strategy to make customer be in urgent need of the commodity rather than force them to pay for something they don’t really want?

2 Comments on Outernauts


  1. Apparently you played this game some time ago.

    In the early Development EA was a partner with IG on this game. And EA always stresses profit. IG has parted ways with EA on this game and it's much more fun to play now! I suggest you try it again.

    There is little or no need to buy energy to play anymore. You can earn Star Gems within the game to expand and purchase what you need. Of course you can augment your playing experience by buying Stag Gems as well. They do offer sales during Holidays and such as well.

    I have been playing this since the beginning when it was a closed Beta. It has improved significantly.

  2. mhae david says:

    i am playing this game about 1 year,but it is addictive if your are puregamerz

    so beware!!!!

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