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OutSpark Launches Lord of Ages, the second browser game after 7 Dragons

Sara Lau
Jul 8,2011  03:07 by

OutSpark, an online game publisher, announced the first server for lord of Ages, a medieval warfare browser-based RTS game. This is the second browser game that OutSpark has distributed in collaboration with a Chinese game developer.

Earlier this year, OutSpark quietly launched the first real multiplayer browser game “7 Dragons” suggesting this 2007-founded company began to hit browser game industry. This is partly because the increasingly high spending per registration through Client games (MMORPG), and partly because the latest trend for online web browser gaming.

However, 7 Dragons does not make OutSpark become a millionaire overnight, but paves a way for its ambitious plan, namely, the browser game distribution platform.

Yesterday,(July 7, 2011), OutSpark officially announced its digital distribution platform “Flint” for online games and browser MMOs, according to VetureBeat. This move launched days ago is aimed to integrate free to play browser games into the platform with revenue share.

“The move will bring it into competition with a wide variety of players, from Valve’s Steam to Electronic Arts.” said Dean Takahashi, the editor of VetureBeta.

However, OutSpark cannot pose any threat to Steam from our research, because they manage the different business. Steam looks like a digital distribution with multiplayer and client games focused. While Outspark’s Flint appears similar to Bigpoint, AeriaGames, KlickGame, Yoogames, Hithere and Lekool.

Lord of Ages has already been published over Internet by multiple publishers including Kongregate, AeriaGames, YooGames, Lekool, and MochiGames. However, earlier this month, Yoogames brought down the server of Lord of Ages for unknown reason. This game may pose a potential server takedown for OutSpark for the same reason.

Lord of Ages is a browser game that allows players to role play as a commander to experience real-time combat, develop massive troops, recruit heroes and train troops to defend their city and conquer others. Additionally, players can collect items and armaments for their newly recruited heroes. If players want to gain more resources and prestige (reputation), they can dig the wilderness and fight NPCs.

Similar Games like Lord of Ages:

Evony, Three Kingdoms Online, Caesary, Senatry, Ministry of War, and Indomitus.

Editor Note:

As browser games grow, players may have more choices to play such trendy games at work or in school. But the fact that the market shares grow will finally cause the fierce competition. Today’s Strategies, Tomorrow’s Opportunities. Today’s opportunities, Tomorrow’s Challenges.

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