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The “Three Kingdoms” or Romance of Three Kingdoms is one of the best known and best strategy games series. The single-player, and multiplayer game version was published ten years ago in China and across the rest of the world. The free online versions of “Three Kingdoms” were springing up enormously since then. But now, the developers of this theme plan to inject new elements to this classic brand. Free online game “Warflow” is all about to build castles and fight NPCs and players using your strategy like train army, send spy, dispatch your troops and form alliances, as well as […] read »

Dragon Age Legends

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Dragon Age Legends

The fantasy land Thedas is plunged into unsettling chaos and flames of war by the dark forces. The son of present Viscount of Kaiten is endangered by the revenging demon. Can you be trusted as a faithful yet heroic ally to embark on a dangerous conquest and eventually rescue viscount’s son from distress? In Dragon Age Legends, you can be the legend with your gallant mettle and brilliant wisdom. Dragon Age Legends, developed by Electronic Arts, one of the world’s largest game companies, in partnership with BioWare, is an action-packed role-playing game with considerable appeal, thanks to the success of […] read »


Starcraft 2 Wings of Liberty Awarded Best International…

Starcraft 2 Wings of Liberty Awarded Best International…

Starcraft 2 Wings of Liberty Awarded Best International Computer Game with LARA-Award

Lord of Ultima

Browser Games List (2014)
Lord of Ultima

Set foot on the fantasy world Caledonia in the medieval ages as the leader of your own small village, carry out sudden attacks on the terrifying dungeons to gain resources and items for development’s sake, and expand the crude village into a prosperous capital! Certainly, much more can be achieved in the Lord of Ultima, a 2D free-to-play browser-based game mixing the features of MMO, RTS and RPG ingeniously together. Overview: Developed by Electronic Arts, a notable international video game company, Lord of Ultima outshines other games of the genre with its unique features and will definitely offer you an […] read »

New MMO Blog DotMMO Goes Online

New MMO Blog DotMMO Goes Online

Welcome to DotMMO.com, a new MMO blog for MMO Fans. With so many MMO websites on Internet, few of them clearly covers the latest MMOs released in North America, China, German, and Russia using English.   While this blog is created dedicated for multi-lingual MMOs, you can browse through our contents and latest coverage of what the Internet updates on MMOs such as World of Warcraft, DC Universe Online, RIFT, and many other huge MMOs.   A single power is not so strong as more hands joins in to develop, so we are always looking for someone else who can […] read »

Thirst of Night

Thirst of Night

Nexus Conflict

Nexus Conflict

Legends of Asgard

Legends of Asgard

Legends of Asgard: Odin Quest is a browser game published by GleeCode, a Shanghai-based game company behind games such as Immortal Realms, World War X. The game was originally published by YouJoy, followed by GameBox and DovoGame. Legends of Asgard can be considered a new server of the game with a different title and publisher while most of the game are still the same as the game offered at its first server. Review: Legends of Asgard does focus on, as the slogan insists, “the quest exploring in various PVE maps and dungeons”, but once you”ve played nbso online casino reviews […] read »

Immortal King

Immortal King

Immortal King (IK for Short) is a fantasy browser game by NGame for North America and 337.com for Brazil. The game draws inspiration from Greek mythology, allowing players to role play a Greek hero to build and Revitalize the empire. The game is nothing but a reborn edition of Dynasty Saga, Reignage, Batheo, and Warflow. In Immortal King, players should march forward the hostile camps in order to conquer the new territories. By allocating  attributes to heroes, players (ingame characters) are able to get different combinations, so much so that they could reach different missions. You should build and lead your […] read »

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Arena of Fate
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