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Paradise Club

Paradise Club

Release Date:  March 20, 2012
Publisher:  IZ Games
Developer:  IZ Games
Genre:  Social, Casual

Are you tired of performing daily chores? Wanna take a break and hang out with your friends? Paradise Club, recently launched by iZ Games, is an entertaining social game where you can run a holiday resort and cater to all kinds of tourists. A total of twenty characters are included in the main storyline, and the game can be subdivided into twenty-seven chapters. Though it may sound a bit complicated, the main goal is simple: you do whatever you can to improve the reputation of your club. When your Paradise Club is erected and decorated, waves of visitors will pour in. It is important to provide top-grade services and satisfy all their needs, because they are the source of your income.


Reading the title of this kind is usually enough to understand what to expect of it. Paradise Club is a club-themed time management game allowing players to design and construct their own beach resort. You take the role as a businessman who decides to plunge into the beachfront hotel business after you have inherited a large fortune along with a promising beachside landholding. So you will be apparently responsible for every task requested from tourists.

Paradise Club plays like almost like any other Facebook real estate management games. You construct recreational facilities to attract as many tourists as possible (and thereby the possible profits).The construction area is break down into three parts: the sea area, your customers can either enjoy the excitement of jet boat rides or lie comfortably in their air beds; beach area is the place you can build things like sand volleyball courts and sun loungers; while in the grassland area, you set cottages, houses and vendors. And you collect revenue and bonus from your business. Some decorations like palm trees can help to increase the profit of nearby attractions.

Everything remains the same until you hit level 5, when Joe and Jasmine came to spend their honeymoon. Paradise Club features a linear storyline and is broken down into several chapters, and you must finish out the primary quest chain from key NPC’s in order to proceed. So your first primary objective is to help Joe host a romantic dinner and prepare a cottage for “relaxation”. It sounds cool and cute, but actually you do nothing more than repeating mindless mouse click.

However the trouble began when Jasmine got mad as she saw Joe keeping his eyes wandering over the shapely body of the other girl. Joe will ask you to get a pair of camouflage glasses so that he won’t get caught even when he tries to glance at these girls out of the corner of his eyes. You will find you are not able to get them unless you request a help hand from your friends. So again, you will be forced to post your announcement on your wall if do not want to pay for it.

Even worse, when you run out of staff required to fill these stands and buildings, you will have to recruit your Facebook friends to start a marketing campaign so as to attract more employees. Like a time attack mission, you need to send out as many invitation posts as possible during a given time frame.

The graphics of Paradise Club are definitely nice, the presentation of the game is lively. Most scenery items are animated, so you can actually see what your customers are doing about. But it still gets boring to watch these because of the fact that you will play all the things on the same map.

Overall, the game doesn’t bring anything new to the table. The gameplay itself is slow-paced and requires constant attention. It usually happens that you don’t have enough energy to proceed or are short of manpower. You cannot feel anything fresh and different as you proceed through the game. It is a nice touch that the game involves some sorts of storytelling while most others don’t. But it distressed me that so far I cannot proceed with the storyline just because I lack a key item which can only be received from friends.

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