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Parallel Kingdom

Parallel Kingdom

Release Date:  2011
Publisher:  PerBlue
Developer:  PerBlue

Parallel Kingdom, an award-winning MMORPG from PerBlue, stands out from other games in that it enables players to undertake their adventure in a real world. Yeah, that’s right! Thanks to PerBlue’s innovative game concept and the implementation of Google Maps, you are now able to walk around your neighborhood and fight against all sorts of wild monsters, like dragons, trolls and wolves. Isn’t it fun?


Originally, Parallel Kingdom was designed as one of the first MMORPGs for iPhone users. Shortly after, it was proven to be a huge success and attracted more than 800,000 players worldwide. As a result, the developer decided to bring it to a new realm, that is, Facebook. Chosen as the Best MMO in 2009, Parallel Kingdom has great potential to achieve another triumph in the social-networking platform. From now on, the monotonous journey to office and exhausting tour back home will be filled with endless excitement and unexpected confrontation. How awesome!

Similar to other MMORPGs, Parallel Kingdom requires you to create your own account before plunging into the core of the game. But don’t worry! All can be done within a few clicks! Then you will be located in the virtual world based on your physical GPS location. At the beginning, you have under your control only a limited area which is indicated by a circular line and a flying flag. It is impossible to trespass your sphere of influence unless you expand your territory by completing quests and establishing buildings. Of course, you can also explore new areas by moving around in the real world, which is undoubtedly a selling point of this unique game.

Rome is not built in one day. If you want to command a bustling kingdom, you have to make a little effort. The first thing you should worry about is to level up as quickly as possible. Along the way, you can gather up skill points which can be used to learn a series of tricks, such as Alchemy and Blacksmithing. It is also advisable to venture into the wilderness where countless resources are scattered around. But unknown dangers are also lurking in the hostile land and dark dungeons can be found almost everywhere. So, don’t forget to upgrade your gear now and then.

Having accumulated enough resources, you can allocate them into different sections so as to achieve the best outcome. For example, you can fortify the defense power of your kingdom by constructing towering castles and military camps. Learning is also a life-long quest in the fantasy world, so you can also focus on mastering all kinds of skills which can not only enhance your power but also earn extra points. Most items can be purchased from the in-game Trade Post with Food or Gold, the two types of currency in Parallel Kingdom.

As for the economic mode, Parallel Kingdom can be downloaded and played for free. But if you are rich enough, you can choose to buy some premium content with real cash.

6 Comments on Parallel Kingdom


  1. Rickpot says:

    PK is soooo much fun!!! Enter my referral code qattzb for extra gold and food!!! Hope 2 see ya!!!

  2. G.. says:

    The game is fun. But not playable on ipad or iphone because of terrible lag and many other issues. Support sucks and they apply different rules for different players depending on how much they like you. Lately PerBlue added a LOT of swag so people would spend more rl money on the game. Took the fun out of it.

  3. paul says:

    This game is a scam. In game you can pay real.money to.get.items but the properties of these items and rules of game keep.changing as is allowed in the terms of service. The developers are crooks.and spend no money on servers even after paying to play you can’t log on half the time. Play a different game

  4. elfabangel says:

    Quit whining, everything costs, and pk rocks

  5. KaįløsĘqüįtęm says:

    Pk is probably the funnest game i have. I have been playing for almost 3 years not. And granted it gets boring from time to time. And they are doing thier best to come out with new content every two weeks to keep pk interesting for us vets of the game.

    What “G..” Says is totally false. I play on my iphone all the time. And i hae friends that play on thier ipads. And support is flooded with help requests every week. And it takes about 1 week for them to get to your problem. And yes there are people that they answer thier problems first because they are the beta-testers of the game. Which means they have priority because they are supposed to report problems.

    What “paul” says is also false. You dont need to pay to play. There are hundreds of ways to get food(the payable content) for free with just a little hard work. And yes they do come out with more swag because the game is made this way without swag releases every two weeks there wouldnt be people buying food and they would have to put adds up that annoy us. And the server problem cannot be helped with the 2mil+ players they have. And servers are quite spendy and take time to setup. And if you are having problems logging in. Go to a differeny place to log out. Dont log out in populated places like happy valley or nyc. If you are still having problems its your device. Because i can log in everytime i want to.

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