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Park EXP

Park EXP

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Park EXP is a park simulation game. It casts players in managing an amusement park in the Forest Kingdom.

Sharing a lot in common with social games on Facebook, Park EXP doesn’t provide a tough start. Purchasing construction materials in the store, and your career as the owner of an amusement park commences. On this really small portion of land, you are to build sorts of facilities, entertainment, and decorations; and then manage those stuff.

Sporting cute buildings and objects, Park EXP is bound to be a children-friendly game. As you maintain and repair facilities, you are also expected to collect balloons, hearts, coins and suns, as well as energy points. Balloons and hearts bring coins, while suns are accumulated to achieve progression. Instead of automatically refilling over time, the energy must be collected from the Lucky every two minutes or Bosco every half an hour. Construct facilities, manage them, and expand the limited land. That is pretty much what you do in Park EXP. You don’t have to care whoever is happy or not, or to place anything adjacent to another just for convenience or greater output. Do it just how you like it.

Facilities of different varieties provide coins and suns at various intervals. For example, Carousel costs 2 minutes and 10 energy points while Koi Garden costs 8 hours and 220 energy points. Coins come easy-the balloons and hearts keep coming up, forming a comparatively steady income. As a result, you can easily have a large fortune. But little is left after you execute the tasks and construct a few facilities. Energy points easily run out just like the coins. Each facility requires charging (which costs your energy) after a cycle of coin and sun offering. I deployed several Carousels, which offer suns the quickest, so as to level up as soon as possible. However, that turns out to be an energy exhausting annoyance instead of a progression shortcut.

One thing I have to complain about Park EXP is the size of this small land. It is too small and looks so crowded no matter how I strive to expand it. And it is often the case that the waiting hours for collecting rewards are too long and you feel obliged to occupy yourself otherwise. Anyway, Park EXP seems a great game to visit occasionally for a few minutes’ pleasure each day.

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