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Parking Wars 2

Parking Wars 2

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Earn money by parking your cars on your friends’ streets. Ticket your friends’cars when they park illegally on your street. Master the art of parking to attain the highest level – The Great parking One.

Parking Wars 2 is a flash-powered social game that is exclusively available on Facebook. The game lets players to take initiative to park their luxury cars on streets so as to generate income.

As it evolves from numbered luxury to volume production product, the vehicle, especially private cars, has fused into every day life to a greater extent, casting influence good and bad. Convenience brought about by cars nevertheless has its own price: just recall the impatient moment in search of an available parking lot or the ruined mood at sight of a fine ticket tucked under the windshield or a yellow ruthless “boot” grounding the car firmly and mockingly to the floor. Surely it gives you headache in real life to scramble for a parking lot; but you can take ease and have a great time in the Parking Wars.

When Area/Code works together with A&E developing the Parking Wars 2, their focal intention is to use this casual, social game to publicize and promote a namesake TV program about the daily duty of Philadelphia Parking Authority employees, namely, ticking, booting and towing illegally parked cars. Yet to their surprise, this Parking Wars works out well by itself and turns out to be a hit Facebook game that once boasts a maximum of 500,000 users on a monthly basis.

Parking Wars 2 has quite a simple gaming mechanic that is easy to grasp. At the beginning, players will be given a second-hand car plus 1000 in cash as running capital to get the game started.

The essential gameplay is almost around two activities, that is, to manage to find available parking lots for your cars (certainly one will have more than one car to survive this game) and ticket friends’ cars that are parked in your personal lots for fines as compensation. Both serve for one common purpose, e.g. namely, making money to purchase more better cars.

Once players park their cars in friends’, they can not remove it at least within fifteen minutes; if they are not got caught and fined by friends or patrolling policemen during parking time, they will get experience points and an amount of money varying with parking time as rewards.

Apart from directly ticketing cars parked in one’s own lots, there is another method to gain money: reporting friends’ cars to the police if one finds them in others’ places. As to experience points, buying new cars, exchanging old cars for new ones and ticketing others’ cars will all win players experience with different degrees, apart from parking cars mentioned above.

It sounds simple, yet it is not easy if one aims to become a billionaire. Behind the easy rules, there loom quite a few factors that have to be taken into consideration, such as the balance between ticketing friends for money and maintaining friendship for favors, or the strategy of buying new cars out of many a choice to optimize the benefits, etc.

So, for mathematician players, there are a lot of calculation to do including the parking time, the fines, the buying and selling cars, the reward money and so on; for car-maniac players, it is another chance to visit a grand exhibition of various cars and collect some, though virtual, by oneself; and for social players, it is enjoyable to dive into this casual game, interacting with friends, granting favors and conducting occasional mischief.

Same game, different merry. Live and let live in Parking Wars 2.

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  1. Guest says:

    game does not work

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