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Pawn Stars: The Game

Pawn Stars: The Game

Release Date:  2011

Click the mouse and a new world of novelty conjures up in front of your eyes. This is an amazing, dazzling world with exotic and exquisite objects that will compete for your attention. Here you may come across adorable trinkets reminiscent of good old times, such as Antique Train Set, Antique Music Box and Antique Duck Pull Toy; here you may chance upon rare collections of historical significance, such as Andrew Jackson Receipt, Apollo 16 Flag and Civil War Era Bugle; and here you may encounter with objects that you would fall in love with at first sight, such as Baseball Signed by 1951 Yankees, Antique Dueling Pistols and Antique Copy of Dante’s Inferno. Where is this inviting place? Not a Curio shop or an auction house, it is a pawn shop in Pawn Stars: the Game.

Pawn Stars: the Game is a Facebook game that is made by A&E Television Networks on the basis of adaptation from Pawn Stars, the TV series in History Channel launched since 2009. Just like the family running a pawn shop in Las Vegas in the show, players in this game will be able to open their own pawn shops, set foot in this business and try to make a profit out of buying-and-selling.

Similar to the television series and true-to-life scenarios, customers in groups will come into pawn shops with items to sell. More often than not, these items will carry with them series of information, such as origin, prestige, quantity on hand, degree of rarity, and date of creation and so on. It is inevitable that there will be bargains between buyers and sellers. Customers will certainly have particular prices of their items in mind, while pawn shop-owners will also offer profitable prices based on their evaluation of items. As pawn shop-owners, players can pass on items directly, or haggle with customers to meet each other half way. Besides, players can also get items with lower price if they can make customers happy by offering candies, for instance. Once purchased, players can either stock items in inventory, or re-sell it with higher price for profit.

Besides, before the final confirmation of prices, players may sometimes consider to consult an expert about the real worth of a certain item. It will cost some money but it’s necessary, since some items may turn out to be fake or just reproductions which are indiscernible for amateurs. In addition, players may interact with each other and make friends, which will all the more help develop their pawn empires.

8 Comments on Pawn Stars: The Game


  1. zavian jones says:

    this is so crazy dood you can’t even play the game on face book

  2. Ken says:

    Fun for a little while until you purchase everything, then boring.. Needs updates with new items

  3. ryan says:

    fun then dull then nothing to do for a long while… need to be more fun

  4. brat says:

    fun and boring

  5. nathan says:

    its all right i cant say its terrible cause its not my least favorite game

  6. christine says:

    not enough customers coming in shop takes to long to sell stuff

  7. alex says:

    did not like it, they want to force you to buy, they won't let you pass on things you don't want and they want to tell you how much to pay. make it more real…. maybe we can buy and sell with other players? how about that for an idea?

  8. Crystal McKinley says:

    I need to know why it doesn’t show on a friend’s game that I have cheered up his customers. When he does it for me it doesn’t show in my shop either.

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