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PAX 2011 MMO Roundup

Sara Lau
Aug 29,2011  02:08 by

The Gamescom 2011, which ended days ago, left us surprisingly impressive. Even we does not really come to our consciousness until we recently attended the PAX Prime 2011 Show. I, as a general visitor, did not attend any meeting, nor have a chance to talk with game developers face to face. However, I have a special feature for you to sum up this year’s PAX Show concerning MMORPG games.

1, PAX 2011 is not for press conference, but a perfect show for those game developers to present their beloved games. What we have already known is ArenaNet’s Guild War 2 that has been payable during the Gamescom 2011. While Griffin McElroy, the editor of Joystiq, had the chance to play the demo, he seems not to like Guild Wars 2 very much.

By playing some features like Player vs. Player system, crafting system,  and boss challenging, he described the game as albeit totally commonsense features of its own.

2, The Secret World Has Pregnant Zombies

As Funcom, the maker of Age of Conan, announced The Secret World long ago, we are just losing our interest in this game release. No updates, no gameplay overview, no business mode disclosure! But this year’s PAX 2011, The Escapist previewed the game with a lot of new updates on “The Secret World”

Unlike those levelup-centric MMORPGs, The secret World does not label itself as a MMO based on class and levelup. Instead, the characters could learn skills via the Anima Well that offering more than 500 different spells.  Meanwhile, the game also is characterized by its items and equipment which let players progress vertically.

3, Warhammer Online: Wrath of Heroes detailed

Gamespot journalism team has all latest highlights on great games during Penny Arcade Expo 201. As  always, Gamespot reported what we are keenly embracing.

Not only will BioWare Mythic release the beta of “Warhammer Online: Wrath of Heroes“, but it will have a hybrid version of paid contents and free to play demo.

As a hardcore gamer, I am not pretty interested in free to play MMOs for the item store is bound to destroy the game balance. Yet BioWare Mythic seems more confident of balancing the game mechanism.

4, Gamezone previewed WildStar during the PAX Prime 2011

Gamezone did not write a long story about Wildstar MMO, but it quoted the official rhetoric saying “WildStar is being made by gamers for gamers.”

The game does not too much differentiate itself from other standard MMOs. For example, attack the monsters and enemies, teleport move and stunning shot.  The game also combines free to play and premium contents model.

5, SWTOR Alderaan PvP

A game generaing much buzz and on display if a chance given! Star Wars: The Old Republic has been the most covered yet unsensitive MMO so far.

Take a look at Eternity Vault Developer Walkthrough to learn more about what the dev team got.

6, MMORPG previewed Wakfu

MMORPG.com writer Carolyn Koh gave a brief account of Wakfu, the anime MMO from Square Enix and Ankama Games behind browser game Gobbowl. It is all about a standard MMO with skill learning, material collecting, item drops, class and levelup-based gameplay.

7, New Blacklight: Retribution Trailer Shows

Not everybody would like to talk about Chinese free to play MMORPGs since it has been labelled as crappy and grinding gameplay, greedy for money, awkword translation, and unbalanced gaming machamism. While Perfect World, the Chinese game distributor (Rusty Hearts), seems to know the weaknewss redarding their MMOs. They, instead, began to buy games to publish in order to give its invenstors more confidence. The mmofps Blacklight: Retribution is just the one that is developed by Zombie Inc.

Check the hands-on from PikiMal

8,  PAX 2011: Setting Free to Play on Firefall

Another big hit could be Firefall, which is free to play via digital downlaod. If you have ever visited PAX Prime, you may have a chance to check the playable demo. I would recommend Firefall to my readers rather than Blacklight retribution. There’s a lot of depth to Firefall, and I applaud the dedication to only offering purchasable items that add to convenience.
9, Other MMOs on display on PAX 2011 are as follows:

a) gPotato.eu Unveils Sevencore

b) Hi-Rez Studios offers Global Agenda, SMITE and Tribes: Ascend.

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