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PC Games Re-Launched as free MMORPGs

Sara Lau
May 26,2011  03:05 by

The Free to Play trend is continuing as more and more pc games have been remade as free mmorpg games. 2010 has witnessed a small portion of such games on the horizon like Champions Online, Battlefield Play4Free, Everquest 2, Star Trek Infinite Space, Age of Empires Online, APB: Reloaded and etc.

Now the 2011 gaming trends are in full swing, still on the rise, or at least the games are free to play, no download, socialilzing and browser-based. This trend inspires me to write a special report for all great pc games that have been relaunched in the format of “Free2play or free to play”. Let’s jump on the list of free online pc games.

1, Hellgate Global

I cannot imagine how could Hanbisoft bring the dark fantasy RPG Hellgate: London on the PC platform, online and multiplayer, that is, MMO. Believe or not, Hellgate Global will be published in June 2011 and you can learn more at the global official website.

2, Ghost Recon Online

I never knew Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon until a new MMO Shooter Ghost Recon Online was unveiled by Ubisoft. Okay, Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon is a tactical shooter that was released in 2001, according to the Wikipedia.

For those who have affection for MMOTPS or MMOFPS, Ghost Recon Online may be a new choice in the summer of 2011.

3, Age of Conan: Unchained

Heavily covered pc subscription-based MMO Age of Conan will be free to play, according to the game developer Funcom. Players have the opportunity to level up to the maximum level without spending a single penny. By embedding a ingame shop, Funcom promises players a free account by which players are able to explore all previously premium contents, but if they want to get more powerful weapons and equipment, they will have to purchase them using real money. That is how Age of Conan: Unrated works.

4, APB: Reloaded

5, Age of Empires Online

6, Star Trek Infinite Space

7, Battlefield Play4Free

Electronic Arts has Play4Free the magnificent multiplayer shooter Battlefield 2 launched new: A little bit nicer, much easier and completely free. But in vain? Our test shows it.

Battlefield Play4Free is a free MMO shooter that is developed by Electronic Arts, and the game focuses on micro-transactions by offering free access to the game and premium special weapons and outlets . This game is based on Battlefield 2 and Battlefield: Bad Company 2. Up to 32 players can simultaneously be online on a map. Vehicles and aircraft include Mi-28 helicopter, VTOL fighter, the F35 and the classic T-90 tanks.

8, Champions Online

9, Dungeons & Dragons Online

10, Everquest 2

11, Fallen Earth

12, City of Heroes

13, LEGO Universe

14, Team Fortress 2

15, Arma 2

16,Deep Black Online

17, Firefly Universe Online

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  3. A noteworthy post, thank-you from a huge games addict!!.

  4. pc games says:

    Great work you have done by sharing them to all. simply superb.

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