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Perfect Getaway

Perfect Getaway

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The world is your oyster! Navigate your passenger cruise around the world, purchase all kinds of amenities and collect exotic souvenirs to decorate your ship, and entertain all the passengers aboard and win their favor!

Perfect Getaway, a full-featured management simulation game with such a charming theme, makes you escape from daily routines and travel all over the world. The decorating options in this game are quite interesting and enormous, such as a swimming pool and a hot dog stand, which please your passenger and earn you money. In addition, there are also quests to generate funds for further embellishment.

Perfect Getaway is developed by China-based Perfect World, which also publishes free MMORPGs such as Jade Dynasty, Battle of the Immortals, and Forsaken World. As a captain of your own cruise ship, you will have travel to exotic places across the world to complete your missions and goals. With some social features, you can hire your friends as your crew members who could help you build and decorate your cruise ship.

By using ingame item Stardust, you are able to travel to different ports where you can earn rewards and coins upon your completion of your missions.

You can collect stardust from your own cruise ship by clicking on your telescope. Make sure you publish your posts so you can share extra stardust with your friends! You can also collect stardust from your friends’ cruise ships and their wall posts! Jean-Luc Clichhas a special telescope that changes color daily.

In order to get boosted in the game, you need to spend your real money to buy ingame virtual currency Anchors that can be sued to shop speed up items!

The game is far away from perfect since there are plenty of bugs and flaws out there even gifting and receiving gifts is the most painful process and players are always stuck in a loop.

Reviews and testimonials:

Thought there was more to this game, What a waste of time. Run out of money buying decorations and then not enough capacity to do collecting then buy more. What the hell were they thinking. Must be for the kids. Done ~ toss this one back.

This could be a good game, but it gets aggravating very quickly. It’s constantly saying” Need More Capacity ” (buy more decorations) I’ve barely got room for more decorations and it still keeps asking, asking!!!! Quitting the game

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