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Perfect World

Perfect World

Release Date:  2008
Publisher:  Perfect World
Developer:  Perfect World (China)
Genre:  MMORPG

How amazing if we dive into the fantastic world of a free MMORPG. There we can create an individual character and plunge ourselves into the most interesting PvP battles and PVE questing. I cannot imagine, oh Wait, Perhaps, Perfect World will the best answer.

The online role-playing MMO Perfect World International is a client-based fantasy mythology game that takes you into a magical world created by the God of the universe, Pan Gu. As a member of one of five races you fight and defend your territory against enemies and conquer other areas. Perfect World was the first quality MMORPG in China. Compared with King of Kings 3, Loong, Dragon Oath, Perfect World is much better than those Asian MMOs.

At the beginning of Perfect World International you create a unique character that lets you wander around the virtual world. In the free MMORPG, there are several design options and  every detail of the avatar can be set by you alone.

When it comes to Chinese free MMORPG games, some players may hold that they are grinding, PVP-centric, poorly executed graphics, and bad wording. However, in Perfect World International, there are many more other interesting territory wars and challenges awaiting you to discover and explore, in which you compete alone or against enemy players by joining the guild. The variety of game modes make you defend your territory or conquer other territories. Of course, this will only happen once a week currently. This feature is also the most dynamic function that could make players either be opposite or friendly in the game world.

If you are not so aggressive for other players, you can get you into the ingame shop where there are also a variety of mounts that could take you walk around the online world. And that’s not all. The mounts range from flying animals like Phoenix to Speedy pets like Tigers and Unicorns.

For those who love powerful magical weapons, Perfect World also delivers a slew of such weapons, which can be crafted or enhanced in the Blacksmith Shop. With some gem and stones, you can easily make your weapon enchanted and enhanced.  This will of course help the dev team make money and continute to maintain the game.

A variety of events and daily tasks should keep players away from boredom, but that also is aimed at charging players. In this free mmo Perfect World International, there are many tasks that you can do, that means you will never feel alone and bored in the game world. For example, hunt for treasure, team up to explore the world and earn Experience Points, slay monsters and go for the online lottery.

There should be an alternate a day-night cycle that has an effect on the type of quests.  For example, during the day, you cannot do the nightly quests, while in night you cannot fulfil the day quest.

Are you excited for the fight against fearsome and hideous bosses?

Chinese official website: http://w2i.wanmei.com/

English Official Website: http://pwi.perfectworld.com/

German site: http://pwi.de.perfectworld.eu/

Russian Site: http://pw.mail.ru/

Brazilian official website : http://levelupgames.uol.com.br/perfectworld/


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  3. Muzicio says:

    Perfect World International, the visually stunning free-to-play online game with unparalleled character customization and amazing gameplay. Fly freely in beautiful lands to make your dreams true in Perfect World!

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