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Pettington Park

Pettington Park

Release Date:  June 14, 2012
Publisher:  Loot Drop
Developer:  Loot Drop
Genre:  Arcade, Social Game

Pettington Park is a social game for kids. It is now available only on Google Plus. In the game, players role play as a dog or cat to decorate a park with buildings, arcade cabinets and courts.


It repeatedly talks about a competition between cats and dogs, which has nothing to do with fierce physical conflicts of any kind. Players choose to be a cat or a dog and complete missions so as to exceed the opposing party in performance. The competition starts at the outset of each week and lasts for a whole week.

But all that is the concern of the game, not you. What you do basically is to clean up the mess in the area, decorate the place and make it a profitable and flourishing theme park. To that end, you are about to shake the tree (yeah, it’s shake) for wood, mine rocks for crystals and stones, purchase game machines from the PetStore, and deploy various facilities and decorations in your park.

Trees live happily until characters shake them. Every shake changes the facial expression of the personified trees: from happy to angry, to desperate, and then nothing at all because the trees are gone. Coins, experience, wood, plant fiber, workers, and even scouts from the opposing party, can appear after the shakes. Mouse over the rewards, click the workers which are rats in my case, and kick the scouts away.

After tree shaking or rock mining, you may hover over the rewards to claim them. But in many cases you have to mouse over the items again and again to include them in storage. And unlike most of Facebook social games, Pettington Park would not collect rewards automatically if you don’t do it yourself. The stuffs would stay wherever they are until you successfully claim them.

Crystal is no longer the shortcut to completion of a process. Actually, it can be found just in your park. Mine the crystal rocks and you will obtain crystals, rubies, and quartzite. Instead, PettyCash helps shorten the waiting in some cases.

But in Pettington Park, money doesn’t assure you of smooth progression. The quests are handed out by the NPCs here and there. Players have to walk their characters to an NPC and chat with it to accept a mission. And there are no such things as spending PettyCash to skip a mission or a step. Nor is there any clue for the quest. You have to do that all by yourself. Right now I’ve got only three missions available and I’ve been stuck in two of the quests and possessing far less energy for completing the third. One quest asks me to find a hidden toy in a sparkly place on the ground and I was unable to find that place no matter how many times I reload the page or scan through the whole area I’ve access to. The second quest demands 5 cherry blossoms, which I couldn’t find anywhere by now. The third involves the purchase and construction of a Pettington Torch. The construction consists of 3 steps, each requiring 10 woods. That means I have to shake trees for at least 12 times (I have 7 energy points at the moment) and naturally consume 12 energy points before I could really get into the construction business. That’s exactly what I cannot handle when I have only 1 energy point left.

The game machines placed in the park don’t just bring in coins, though they could be the main source of income when no quest could be fulfilled. Players can play the games themselves. For example, the Pawchinko allows players to release balls to bump the icon that changes its position in the bottom every time after a successful hit while the Soccer Match is kind of like an enhanced version of Tetris where you’ve got to drop triangles, squares and balls to form a row, a column, or a diagonal of three or more objects of the same color or shape.

Though resembling Cartoon Universe from Warner Brothers in mini game concept, Pettington Park focuses on the preparation of a theme park and is a good game on many accounts. But it could’ve been better.

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