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Phantasy Star Online 2

Phantasy Star Online 2

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After scoring big with the time-honored Phantasy Star series, SonicTeam is determined to carry on the sensation with Phantasy Star Online 2, an upcoming action RPG which is slated for an alpha testing at the end of this month. The game’s publisher Sega will allow 100,000 players to enter into the closed beta test. The participants will be chosen by way of lottery, and only the lucky ones can gain a sneak peak at this highly-anticipated title. Based on our knowledge and understanding of its predecessors, Phantasy Star Online 2 won’t fail to live up to our expectation with well-thought-out plots, immersive story-driven quests and thrilling battles in alien stars.


You start the game by choosing one of the three playable classes, including Wizard who is adept with card weapons, Hunter who is good at wielding long swords, and Gunman who prefers to use mortars. Of course, more weapons will be made available during the official release. The three professions not only differ from each other in terms of their weapons but also have access to different sets of skills. But you can choose whichever you want. Judging from the released screenshots, we find the graphics of PSO2 quite pleasant with magnificent game settings, armed-to-the-teeth warriors, exciting combat scenarios as well as formidable monsters and bosses. This game is expected to be launched in various platforms, including PC, smartphone and Vita in the near future. But the bad news is that it is currently scheduled to be launched only in Japan.

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  1. Unfair Mario says:

    I enjoyed playing this game that is amazing. I like that that is having the capacity to change character's class whenever. On the off chance that you ever feel worn out on your class, you can simply attempt another without making another character sans preparation.

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