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Pig Up!

Pig Up!

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Popcap Games is by no means unfamiliar to enthusiastic Facebook gamers who may be keen on a series of casual games such as the wide-acknowledged Bejeweled, Zuma and Plants vs. Zombies, etc. If one of these loyal Popcap fans says that he/she would abstain from playing Facebook games, you may tease to blurt out “till pigs can fly”. But now, you have to be careful with your diction, for pig does fly in the Popcap world, to be more precisely, in its new game named Pig Up!

Labeled clearly as only a preview, Pig Up is, however, satisfactorily playable and enjoyable as a whole piece. Once gamers log in, what catches their eyes and hearts at the first glance is the freshly cartoonish graphic, which depicts idyllic landscape in the backdrop and adorable characters in the front-ground, namely, a lovely pig with each arm strapped in a piece of wooden plank as makeshift wings and a swarm of wasps armed with spears and shields as if to guard their aerial territory. And the whole game is revolving around the wrestle between this pig and those wasps. To be more specific, players need to launch this pig out of a cannon installed to a trunk, managing to make it fly as far and high as possible so as to score.

It may sound simple, but it is definitely no easy job to ace. In fact, players need to take great control in the process of launching, and make good use of the limited counts of flapping to make the piglet stay afloat in the air before finally plummeting to the ground. During the temporary moments of flying, players need to control the trajectory of the pig, avoiding those bees and meanwhile pick up the floating green apples known as “flapples” in this game, since collision with bees will subtract from the limited flapping chance while gaining “flapples” will work otherwise.

Besides, if players shoot the pig to reach different layers of the air, scores will be differently made accordingly. Generally speaking, the higher the layer, the better the reward. Once the pig is ascended to the stratosphere, for instance, the scores gained will be doubled. In addition, players can also accumulate the Pig Pence, the in-game currency, which can be used to buy power-ups to boost the pig’s performance.

This preview is expectedly simple and extraordinarily immersive. What would the final version look like? It is not sure yet, but it surely won’t be disappointing.

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