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Pioneer Trail

Pioneer Trail

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Dear FrontierVille inhabitants, it is high time to leave your homestead and embark on a new journey of adventure in search of the lost children in the town. Jump into your Chunk Wagon and let’s start now along The Pioneer Trail.

The Pioneer Trail, an adventure social game newly launched by Zynga, is sort-of an expansion to the basic story of FrontierVille. In fact, players can keep and enter their homestead in FrontierVille if they want to, and visit friends’ if they are in their proper as usual. To switch into the game of The Pioneer Trail, players simply click on the Travel button on the left bottom of the FrontierVille screen to start the adventure on the trail.

Living up to the traditional artistic style of Zynga canon, The Pioneer Trail presents no worse cartoonish graphics that give off a journey-to-the-West sense of fun. The whole exploration along the pioneer trail can be said linear that the entire map is made up by three geographically different regions: setting off from their homestead, players will successively wade through the river in Beaver Valley, trek on the flat High Plain, negotiate Avalanche Pass, and finally arrive at the destination known as Fort Courage to draw period for the whole journey.

If you want to go fast, walk alone; if you want to go further, walk together. And now The Pioneer Trail is meant to find a compromise between speed and distance that it narrows the members of a Trail Crew down to only three, each taking up a role as Doctor, Hunter and Carpenter in the journey in charge of jobs within each other’s professions to help one another. It is probably the very first social game that sets taps in teammate member, but it by no means suggests on limiting the socialization among friends. In fact, in this game, a player can become his or her crew to several different Trail teams at the same time, taking up one role, same or different, in respective teams. Once join friends’ Trail Crew, players can click on the Job button, paying visits to friends’ up to three times a day, granting favors and receiving corresponding rewards such as filling Ration and gaining resources of meat, medicine or parts.

Once players finish the whole journey, marks will be scored and prizes will be rendered to. If proud of the results, players can display the Prize in their homestead to show off; and if aiming higher, players can at all times play once again for better performance.

Dear players, your friends may have already been on the way. What are you waiting for?

Official website:http://apps.facebook.com/pioneertrail

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