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Release Date:  2012
Developer:  Plinga
Genre:  Simulation

Pioneers is a Facebook-based village management game where players can build structures, harvest resources, and develop and expand their village.


It’s difficult to be rich in Pioneers. Actually it is my personal opinion that this game should be named “How to Be Broke in a Simulation Game.

At least the game stays true to its title – Pioneers – in that you own nothing except a small portion of land upon entering the game. Or to be fair, there may be something else: wasted well that needs a repair, a short path, ripe corns in the fields, weed, trees, and rocks.

You will build a town hall, repair the well, and then proceed to Sawmill, Quarry, Storehouse, Workshop, Jetty and Fishing hut in turn. During that process, you will also be quested with planting and harvesting strawberries, pumpkins, or cottons, deploying various decorations on your land, levying taxes from homes, factories and stores, as well as collecting resources, clearing the land and purchasing items in the shop.

By far, three characters present themselves and are at my service: an old man who is in charge of all the construction jobs; a girl who cleans the village and tends the crops; and a young man who clears rocks, chops down trees and removes weeds. All of them wear hats, according to which I assume the world must be sunny all the time.

Stamina is seldom an issue in Pioneers – you will be broke before you run out of energy. Quest inputs and outputs are severely out of proportion, which may lead to bankruptcy. There was this quest that instructs me to plant four crops and harvest three. Given that three online casino out of my four vegetable patches are being occupied with corns that are due in about 7 hours. I have to buy another two patches for 200 coins. To complete that quest as soon as possible, I planted strawberries, which are also the cheapest (60 coins for each). Therefore, I spent 440 coins altogether for this single mission, which in turn only rewarded me with 50. The same happens to almost every quest. It was not long before that I suddenly had no enough money to approach any task. Having no other choice, I exchanged all the 6 Gems I had at the moment for coins to keep going. The game, however, isn’t merciful enough to allow me to go much further. Currently, with only 32 coins at hand, I have to wait for about five hours to collect taxes from the houses in the hope that those revenues would be enough for me to complete other missions. You could actually drain your energy to clear rocks and weeds on the land for coins, but the rather limited income wouldn’t change the whole picture and will merely drag you down to long wait.

The developer doesn’t take Pioneers seriously enough or maybe I take it too seriously. Either way, the game sucks.

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  1. sharron says:

    i would,nt recommend this game now because it,s not loading and they are not willing to help fix the game if they were willing to help with it it would be fanstactic and an enjoyable game.

  2. Sherrie says:

    After you are broke from just clearing the trees off your land, what do you do? is the game over? can I start over? LOL!

  3. Shawn says:

    Add me mpaet

  4. Maggie says:

    Fp6q7 <- this isma code:)
    Add meeeeeeeeeee

  5. Lissa says:

    I can't seem to add friends, a must to complete quests. Can anyone add me, please?.. Quwq0

  6. Annie says:

    Add me too please! —–>>>> rei3q

  7. jadenala says:


  8. Joevic Datiles says:

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  9. Ac says:

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  10. dan says:

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  11. Ally says:

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  12. Karen Rouse says:

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  13. Emma says:

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  14. Permi Chicky says:


  15. fantacyfinal says:

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  16. Kathy says:

    Can't add any of these, it always says code was used! My code is 2spnq….good luck!!

  17. Johanne says:

    My code is utqv5

  18. Johanne says:

    How can i have ore

  19. Vhudang says:

    I bought gems but unfortunately, i got billed, but no received gems…

  20. Mr. Jojo says:


  21. yogiirt says:

    add me code: ankb8

  22. Jibby says:

    Add me! k9pon

  23. Jeannie says:

    tz1wv. Please add me. I will help all that help me and send request. Thank you.

  24. Jeannie07 says:

    I clicked on the add button to add a friend and the game took all of my gems for the hammers in the deer quest. Who do I contact the right person to report this? How do I contact them?

  25. jan says:

    0941c add me!!!!!!

  26. Simplicity says:

    Please add me as a friend…d2qg9…I'll return the favor!

  27. Davids says:

    Please add me as a friend … cun1n

  28. Poppins says:

    How do I instigate a trade? Can anyone help please

  29. Poppins says:

    I've had the trade button switched on and I've received trade requests from other players but don't know how to initiate one myself

  30. Poppins says:

    Btw my code is 2n6sj so feel free to add me

  31. Jeff says:

    Add me please fmn6n

  32. lauralu80 says:


  33. mama says:

    doe anyone having a problem with the merlin quest? I cant do it… when i trie to send jake to catch the marlin the game shuts down 🙁

  34. John says:

    Add me: vm7du

  35. Alice says:

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  36. bend says:

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  37. Lynn says:

    I have tried to add several of the listed codes as friends, however, it keeps coming up with errors…code does not exist or code already used. Any one know what is going on or how to fix this?

  38. DeeJay says:

    tsebg – add me pls!

  39. Annie says:

    Ah95a add meeeeee

  40. Becky Spradlin says:

    I love the game, but yesterday it would not load. When I finally got it loaded, it was not my village. Help. I want my village back!

  41. Shavawn says:

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  42. Lara says:

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  43. Laurie Dj says:

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  44. jennifer says:

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