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Pirate Storm

Pirate Storm

Release Date:  2011/08
Developer:  Bigpoint
Genre:  Social game

Pirate Storm is a Facebook game that is released by Bigpoint behind Kultan, Uridium Wars, Ponyrama and Skyrama. The game is redesigned based on Seafight, a very successful browser game takes on high sea battle and fighting.

Conquer your place in a high seas adventure full of action, take on giant sea monsters, pirates feared and legendary treasures! Before you lies a future filled with fame and fortune.

In Pirate Storm, you can sail by left clicking the water and your ship will sail to that location. Keep in mind that your ship cannot sail through land, but don’t worry, your ship will sail around islands automatically.

You can attack the enemy ships by using cannonballs such as Hull breakers, Crew killers, and Sail rippers. While if you want to get some special items, you will have to purchase them via ingame store.

What could frequently happen during your battle is your ships may suffer. Once your ships become vulnerable, you can repair them for free or using paid items for quick finish.


Pirate Storm is the hottest sea exploration game right now, and its growing population of players has changed the content of exploration, from the relatively individualistic adventuring to surviving and benefiting from the crowd. I mean both the NPCs and real players. When these crowds of people are not totally independent, they really affect the weather. Yeah, they are the storm, and this is an amoral realm, brimming with veterans and villains back from other ocean epics like Sea Fight.

Some of the Seafight fans has regretted about the unconscious investing into the game and are expecting some difference in Pirate Storm. I personally wonder if this is what a pirate must think. I proved with four created accounts that, this is another that let you earn more, spend more, pay further and go further.

At the earlier days of release until last October, you can still keep your own pace choosing whether to loot, whether to fight, whether to boost your equipments. You can go your own way, the loneliest route, or the richest center. You can even switch to a new server to experience a new starting environment. But just weeks afterward, there is no difference among all servers. They are all overloaded with enemies, forcing you to fight stronger and loot faster. Pirate Storm puts far more treasures for gamers to loot, so much so that it has been corrosive to your soul and disturbing to your breath. I saw many high-level players rushing around to loot others’ hard-won harvest, even if they can sink an NPC ship with one single hit to get his own, or finish a quest in a couple of minutes to earn ten times of the loots. It does pay to buy the largest warship equipping all possible slots with the largest canvas sail. There are also a small number, help kill a threatening monster and leave you with your treasures. These players are the so called veterans, sea game fans. They develop their own style, nasty or nice.

Although the game has been strictly controlling the chatting manner by all means, such as banning the player for advertisement, any disturbing, confusing or impolite things, the game is not inclined to control the sea happenings to help balance the gaming experience of the less offensive, as if the game has been considering a cut-down of the participants. I mean, the sea is too dangerous. There are six regions in the world, four maps in one region, four zones in one map, four enemy NPCs in each zone, either NPC ships or sealife monsters. You should remember which monsters for which zones, if your request requires crossing different zones. Each zone has one offensive NPC that will attack you without being triggered. There are so many of them that you have no time to take a breath. You needn’t take breath either. Weapons are switched automatically. When you run out of them,they pop up to your sight with a buy button–you do not need go to the shop. This is a breath-holding test. If you outlast it, you survive. If you choose this way to survive, still you must die.

The game lets you, when the weapons are the best for a simple ship, kill the smallest fish at 5 hit. There is no click-and-watch stuff in the game. The fish may attack you if nearer. It doesn’t matter to approach a NPC ship, but it can flee at a faster speed than you, often with many other ships to confuse your targeting, many attacking fishes in the path to disturb your following, and the worst, the fast, strong and ubiquitous attacking ships (called what, )that I suspect protecting the sealife from human violating. It’s really delicious to see these ships sunk with one shot from the strong players. Death or glory, your choice!

They may team up to form a circle, sinking all the surrounding or surrounded captains and stretch their throat going away. The game even opens pirate talk event. Talk like a pirate, and then they become a pirate. Don’t expect a judgment day at the climax of the game. Pirate Storm suggests other road to justice, revenge. The game opens multiple channels for gamers to cooperate, tentatively or permanently. You can make a team at the cost of 150 golds (easily-looted like cheap coins) with the visible players near you. You can also join a guild through a forum channel, by telling your habit, your purpose. No guild recruiting is allowed in global, no guild section in the chat system, however.

Auction house is another means to get premium things besides shop, but there seems to be many players delaying the function of auctions house by bidding for the obviously unaffordable things. And the items are so scarce that one can see his bid go to another after being notified as”win”. Is it a bug of the game? Maybe it’s just an intentioned imitation of reality happenings in renting a house, which can naturally happen in pirate world.

To be a good man, go back to your city builders and life simulators. You are not used to Pirate Storm, you are just not suited to it.

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  1. Zarkonan says:

    Game is interesting,…..But atm Im stuck on a quest called Entreprenuar…….killed over 200 ships in the area I recieved quest but nothing, tracking doesnt display amount of pirates to kill. I went to other sections and killed a few to see if tracking would start, still no results. Third day trying to find pirates for this quest……..Get rid of pesky pirates, they are bad for business. IDK..

  2. denis321 says:


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