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Pirates Saga

Pirates Saga

Release Date:  
Publisher:  Can’t Stop Games
Developer:  Can’t Stop Games

Adventurous spirit and dauntless soul make the life of pirates mesmerizing and legendary. Sail around the high seas, fight against other pirates, loot inexhaustible treasures and become the most notorious pirate of all ages!

In Pirates Saga, there are mysterious cargos and isolated islands for you to explore. Intense combats and challenging quests will make the journey more eventful. In order to overwhelm your opponents in battles, you also look for powerful ammos like fancy cannons. As you progress, you can upgrade your pirate ship with a wide array of decorating items and deadly weapons.


A game fuses basic gameplay of MMORPGs and the social elements of social games should be fun – so I supposed until I play Pirates Saga, which proves to be just a dull mix without any excitement or surprises.

Several areas, each with dozens of maps, are waiting to be unlocked and explored one by one. You have this tiny little boat with a scaring skeleton logo on the sail. You are to instruct the ship to open floating barrels, chests and rafts for treasuries, battle various enemies such as raids, zombie pirates and gators, deliver trout or fruit from port to port, collect usable items, and enhance your weapons. Finish all the quests available on the present map and you will be transferred to the next map to encounter tougher enemies and accept further diversified missions.

You could try to find the target enemy or item by yourself or just click the mission description to have a dotted virtual route direct linked to the closest target. Follow the dotted route to the target and then click to attack or to collect it.

Besides the enemy slaying, and quest tracking system, Pirates Saga also incorporates a HP system. And thanks to that, you don’t have to worry about the energy shortage or anything. The combat is conducted automatically and my ship can be out of HP after three or more battles, or to be specific, gets sunk by an enemy. One could use the healing potions and golden shots available in the shop to revive with full HPs or just go back with only four and then replenish the HPs using potions. Or, you can just wait for the quick refill over time – four HPs in one minute and a full refill in 20 minutes.

Do pay close attention to the price of anything you are advised to purchase – whenever you don’t have enough coins for that stuff, click OK and you will be directed to the page to fill payment info without being asked whatsoever. Also the page crashes a lot, ruining almost the whole fun Pirates Saga manages to offer.

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