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Pirates: Tides of Fortune

Pirates: Tides of Fortune

Release Date:  01/12/2021
Publisher:  Plarium (Google Plus)
Developer:  Plarium

Pirates: Tides of Fortune is a strategy social game that is currently only available for Google Plus social network. The game, which is developed by Plarium behind Total Domination: Nuclear Strategy, allows players to build their own pirate kingdom , battle with other Pirates and ultimately dominate the whole high seas.


My superficial cognition on the image of a pirate retained on the world-famous Captain Jack, the cunning, charming and rakish hero in that movie series. A pirate’s life? That is too far away from us, but that’s hysterically enchanting and yearning. Pirates: Tides of Fortune presents itself in front of me a panorama of pirates’ life, tough and tender, suffering and engaging, and above all, totally beyond my imagination and expectation.

My first impression on Pirates: Tides of Fortune is invigoratingly fresh and its interface, from to the main Port, to Map, to the builing list part, is all elegantly and stylishly structured, especially when you toggle it into full-screen mode. I was instinctively reminded of the ever popular browser game Evony, which bears a strong resemblance, in terms of building interfaces and item panels, with the one portrayed herein. It is a near-masterpiece that attempts to revolutionize what I’d taken a browser game granted. The game could have been that great!

Another highlight I ought to point out is that the ingame voice system. The background music and built-in woman text voicing let you feel as if you were entering a concert, the women speaking eloquently to the music beat (note like a stuffy lecture XD…).To my mind, this part is not that necessarily built with technically, but it sheds luster to what a serious and dull war game is badly needed of. It is a huge step forward for such genre.

If you are not the one that firstly took a try on such game, you would possibly go smoothly; I mean just follow the skeletal hand arrow. But for a newbie, I do not think its tutorial is as perfect as Evony’s. Some missions do not come in time, which may confuse newbies with inadequate resources, tough the help systems explains how important the resources are. if the dev could make a well-matched quest-tutorial system at the very beginning of the game, I am sure the game could have attracted more gamers than it is.

In this article, I am not going to talk much about each part of the game, but I simply review the game as a whole. As I found the whole gaming system is like a chain of management, from the resources, to Units to discoveries and market.

I am still playing the game, and the full review will be updated soon.

72 Comments on Pirates: Tides of Fortune


  1. longjohn says:

    there is a huge bug in the game in that when you send reinforcements to join your blockading units, two things happen:
    1) the blockaded player is taken off your list of enemies (and actually is displayed with green background like other shipmates are)
    2) further blockades no longer add to your score in the fame listing

  2. Captain Moron says:

    I just got out of a game with realtime battles because I don't play 24×7. I like knowing my troops can fight just as effectively without me.

  3. Manoon Lemooine says:

    Bonjour , comment fait-on pour entrainer ses maraudeurs dans Pirates : Tides of Fortune ??? Please !!

  4. Doombar Absolt says:

    Si vous voulez me rejoindre, j'ai deja pas mal avance 😉
    Add me Google+ : Doombar Absolt

  5. Walker says:

    I like to be able to control the action of my men when I send them off to do battle. Thats the offensive and when I'm away from the game my defense kicks in to defend me from someone else's offensive.


    tenia nivel31 en mi guarida

  7. Lisa Hinkle says:

    Please I need friends on the game. Please add me

  8. lisa says:

    i'm quitting the game. I can't get friends on the game to help me.

  9. rob says:

    could use some friends robbrazz28@aol.com fb me

  10. Jonathan says:

    Är detta något spel man måste vara inloggad på hela dagarna eller kan man spela när man själv vill?
    kan man förlora om det är så att man inte är inloggad på ett tag eller så?

  11. Jonathan says:

    Is this game you have to be logged on all day or you can play when they want?
    can be lost if it is so that you are not logged on for a while or something?

  12. Einstein67 says:

    I keep getting attacked by this same some1 well over my level. If this is the kind of crap the game allows then I won't be playing long.

  13. Donald Hess says:

    After spending time and then money from my credit card on your game it will not load for 2 days, I want an explanation and a refund. As I was playing for almost 2 weeks and hour a day. Please explain snapthatpicture@gmail.com

  14. reich stephane says:

    on narrive plus a cherger le jeux sa fonctionne pas

  15. thoroctavia says:

    add me thoroctavia on fb I have the skull picture

  16. P1rate says:

    Buy gold, resources and sketches at piratestidesoffortune.com 😉

  17. cricri says:


    le jeu est super par contre je cherche comment contrer le navire pestifere car cela fait deux fois que mon copain se fait attaquer dabord on avait achete le meme mais il nous la tuer maintenant il vient tt les jours avec son super navire et on peut juste retirer les hommes donc jai beaucoup de matelot mais comment avoir une cahnce de tuer son navire pour lui donner une petite lecon ?
    merci amis pirates

  18. eric says:

    bonjour, comment fait-on pour entrainer ses maraudeur, merci

  19. Ronnie says:

    Break down the score of the battles a little better. You have no idea what your opponent attacked you with, when
    your upgraded crewmen reads the same as what your opponent crewman does on every report. so you have no way of calculating the score. and how are you supposed to add your haven defense bonus in on the battle. I have no idea how to calculate this games battles

  20. Scott says:

    The official faq claims there's an edit button, but I have yet to find it. Does anyone know where it is?

  21. vince says:

    release date 1/12/2021????? is that a typo or they really going to spend the next decade getting the game out and be 10 years behind every other graphic game out there?seems more like a typo needs to be fixed dotmmo

  22. bj a tous comment faire pour entrainer les maraudeurs ???merci

  23. Alain canet says:

    je cherche des voisins

  24. woody bremh says:

    Why did I get charged for rubys that I have not received ? ?

  25. Thorsten says:

    Today I was attacked by a guy. He came with two small ships and 1500 pirates on board. Not sure where they could sit. No matter. I lost this fight. I lost 30 ships and none of my 300 pirates??? Very realistic this came. Yesterday I bought one ship and next it was gone, no more available at my haven. This game is so buggy, it sucks totally.

  26. allan says:

    hvordan overtager jeg en anden ø ?

  27. allan says:

    er der nogle hjælpe sider til spillet, tips evt ?

  28. magalie says:

    comment on fait pour acheter des hollandais volant ? Il m'en faut trois !

  29. mocanu says:


    tell me how is this posible to lose so much against 5 mercenarys ?

  30. Keith says:

    I have not been abled to load game at all going on second day?

  31. Keith says:

    I get the pinquinn LOL spelled wrong but fix it please?

  32. le barbare says:

    peut on envisager ke seul les chef de fraternité , puise distribuer les grâces

  33. lisa ryan orchard says:

    yall can add me if you want I am on facebook

  34. Ell Bestre says:


    Je suis con….

  35. chris manuel says:


    I would strongly recommend that you only play the free version of this game.

    If you buy "rubies" using real money you will find that there is a
    very easy trap to fall into. When you are "purchasing" items with your
    rubies the section shows the maximum that you can buy with the rubies
    you have available and not the 1 No. that it should start at.

    As a result you can lose all of your "rubies" and screw up your game
    as you lose the resources balance and cannot get it back……

    Conclusion…. DO NOT BUY RUBIES until they have fixed this fault.

    The cynic in me thinks that they designed this system on purpose to
    screw people out of their money as it is a stupid way to set the
    "purchasing" up and easy for people to make this mistake as there is no

    I have contacted the Support desk which is not helpful as it is
    Ukrainian and I am not sure that their English is very good. It took
    over 48 hours to get a response and then it was a standard one with no
    follow up…..

  36. tala says:

    bjrs, je ne peux plus allé sur mon ile car sa me mets un message que le jeu fait des mis a jours alors que cela fait une semaine que sa dure. j'ai demandé de l'aide sur le site pirates tides of fortune community et ils disent de télécharger firebug mais là pour interpréter les messages d'erreurs personnes ne réponds. alors si quelqu'un à réussi à se sortir de ses putains de mises à jours faites partager la solution. merci


    Bonjour, je joue a ce jeu depuis un bout de temps, et je viens de voir une chose inouie.

    Est-ce normale , il y a un certain pirate nommé JIM CONWAY qui a une île avec tout : fortifications, arsenal, pension, et tout pour être a un niveau entre 50 et 60 , et ce petit malin , ben son île n' as que le niveau 5 donc imprenable , inattaquable. Je voudrais que les developeurs , concepteurs m' expliquent ainsi qu' a mes partenaires dans ce jeu, le comment ,du pourquoi ?
    J' espére que vous me repondrais tres vite, car n' aimant pas etre floué, je serais contraint de faire le necessaire de faire paraitre des articles bien placés pour dire tout le bien de ce jeu.

  38. franck says:


    I used a translator
    I am looking for the table that enables the recording of troops every day online, can you help me?

  39. Please, my account has been blocked, but I don't know why. May be I have done something wrong, but i need an explication. There is something who can help me?

  40. slaytanic says:

    bonjour,comment on fais pour recuperer les esquisses dans pirate tides of fortunes

  41. Sam Neumann says:

    Hello … I´m Sam and i need friends ingame … Hope someone can help me … Thy … Sam

  42. Patrick says:

    I wish there was a non-PVP version of this game.

  43. Luis Cuevas says:

    y como nos vamos a hacer los jugadores de si vas a quitar todos los juegos

  44. thomas says:

    theirs a guy with game name Arcanjo Miguel Transp's that's sending brotherhood invites, if you join ,when you open the brotherhood page it has a add for some italion crap. that add hacks your credit card info. it did mine and my card company called me and ask if i was trying to buy something in Italy. i had to have that card cancel and a new card sent to me. he has a pic a great daine that's grey. don't join his brother hood unless want to be hacked.

  45. cristian says:

    no puedo jugar este juego , me han bloqueado

  46. ray says:

    Does anybody know how I can play this game on my samsung tablet? I play it on my laptop via facebook but want to play it on my tablet too. P,ease help if you can raythegas@hotmail.co.uk

  47. juju says:

    bonjour a tous.
    voila j'ai mon ile qui a une taille de 72*72 et j'aimerais l'agrandir sans utiliser de rubis.
    est-ce normal que je ne puisse plus agrandir avec les amis?
    merci de m'aider.
    bon jeu a tous

  48. ddmichelle says:

    I play on the browser platform, so you can add me on the game: http://plarium.com/en/games/pirates-tides-of-fort

  49. nick schonau says:

    i have tried to log on to my game but instead i go on to a new game witch means i have lost every thing i have done on my island is there any way i can get my old game back? one day i am on it the next day it has gone

  50. Evil elf says:

    been playing for 3 months now it's not bad as you can hide your troops when you are away so they do not die but you get harassed to buy ruby's at every turn.
    my advice do do the prizes as they kill all your troops and you need rubey;s to revive them>

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