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Pit of War

Pit of War

Release Date:  2011
Publisher:  Outcast Games
Developer:  Outcast Games

Pit of War is a pure text-based MMORPG where you assume the title of ‘Master’ over a stable of gladiators! Your job is to manage, discipline and train these warriors to kill, maim and die for the entertainment of the crowd in the most brutal arena the ancient world has ever known!

although the game is a static browser game, it still offers the quality graphics, and interesting story.  Currently Pit of War does not have a large player base. The full review Coming Soon!


Training your attributes and skills is how your gladiator becomes more powerful!

To train you will need Training Points which are awarded to your gladiator for fighting in the arena and doing contracts at the tavern. Each skill has a set of attributes associated with training it and depending on those attributes and how many trains you already have in that skill determines your chance of succeeding when attempting to increase it.

Regardless of your specialty you can train in all the skill trees, however some skills have restrictions on them and may not be available to you. The current limit for total skill points is 100 (not including attribute trains) so choose wisely.

Your new recruit has 10 training points to use now. Go ahead and start your gladiator on the path to victory by attempting to train in your first skills! Few gladiators survive very long without knowing how to use their weapon, that would be a good place to put some of your starting points.

Once you’ve spent your training points let’s spill some blood! Head over to the ARENA and join the first Arena Challenge!


The Stable is where slaves are forged into champions under your watchful eye. The overview screen allows you to quickly look at your gladiator’s status and other useful information about him.

When you are ready, head over to the Equipment screen and you will get your new gladiator fitted for armour and weapons!

Initially, your Stable is still fairly new and has a small armoury, but it provides you with all the basics your gladiators will need to get started in the arena! As you gain wealth, you’ll have the ability to upgrade your armoury giving you access to a wider variety of weapons and armour.

The vault is where you store special items you buy from the blacksmith or win in combat.

After you are done equipping your gladiator let’s head on over to the FIGHT STRATEGY screen where you’ll learn how to teach your gladiator how to fight!


Your trusted servant has already found a strong and healthy slave at the market and all that is left for you to do is decide what specialty you would like your future champion to dedicate himself to and then give him a name worthy to fight in your honor.

Don’t worry too much if he doesn’t meet your expectations, life is cheap in The Pit and you can always sell him back later and buy a new one. As you gain wealth and power you will have the ability to buy more slaves and expand your Stable in the quest to become a legendary Pit Master in the Great Realm!

Good luck and may the gods shower you with fortune, fame and blood!

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