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PixelJunk Monsters

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Under the category of the tower defense genre, there is a constellation of enjoyable games for players to retreat into for momentary indulgence. Among them, Plants vs. Zombies can be said to be the giant, on whose shoulder stands many followers that see much further and achieve greater honor. PixelJunk Monsters is one of the brilliant products that surpass the first road-blazer.

PixelJunk Monsters, a game developed by the Q-Games, is a tower defense-themed MMO that is originally made and put in the platforms of Playstation 3 and Playstation Portable where it is highly thought of. And now it is going to make the movement for the social networks, the Facebook said to be the most likely yet not confirmed by the game developer, after certain necessary adaptation to entertain more players in this circle.

The completely new version of PixelJunk Monsters for the social network is still under development and adjustment. According to the released news, the core gameplay mechanic will be maintained, that is to say, players will continue to take control of a character, the Tikiman in this game, planting various trees flexibly in needy location with the only purpose of preventing monsters from entering the guarded base which is the haven for some little creatures; otherwise, creatures will be killed and wiped out eventually incurring game-over.

While the fundamental gameplay defies great changes, it is of necessity to make many adjustments so as to better embed this game to the social network. One of the changes that are catching lies in its artistic style. The new version turns out to present larger adorable images on a relatively smaller map, which naturally decreases the attacking rounds of monsters and shortens the distance monsters travel to arrive their destination. Will that cause less fun and challenge? The game developer says no and promises to intensify the thrilling experience in a shorter period instead.

It shuold be noted that rather than the upgrading system and linear level-up, a patchwork grid pattern will be introduced, enabling the player to gradually unlock lands on multi-levels as a beginner way up to an expert, which is also a suitable move to the typical browser-based game features, namely, an attractive easy access with many a levels of difficulty leading all the way to endless fun.

As to the social highlight in this social version, competition with online friends for the top of leaderboard is confirmed to be a part, while the reservation of cooperation in pair or in group is still left as an open question so far. What will this social edition turn out exactly? Q-Games may not let us down.

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