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Planet War

Planet War

Release Date:  2011/08
Publisher:  Yoogames

Planet War is a free Browser game that takes on space building, resources plundering, mission and adventure exploring, as well as the text warring. The game does not throw off the traditional building elements much similar to Expoplanet War, Colony of War and Star Supremacy.

The Ancient War has buried the seed of revenge for future generations. Human beings, the offspring of a super civilization named Omahar that used to be king to the whole galaxy, has inherited from their forefathers two legacies, one bless and one curse, with the former being a Shortcut System in the cosmos that makes the entire galaxy under mankind’s dominance while the latter being enmity that is not evened up with the feud known as Alaska that comes to settle old grudges. Star war is shrouding the universe; demise or success, it is up to you, commanders of Planet War.

Setting in the Sci-Fi background, Planet War turns out to be a 2D browser-based real-time strategy MMO that has recently published by Yoogames behind caesary and Warriors Saga. With the star wars at the core of gameplay, it is quite predictable that the main gameplay is inseparable with resource production, spaceship construction, high-tech research and exchange, territorial dispute among factions, and exploration of outside space, and the likewise.

As usual, three types of resources listed as Metal, Crystal and Fuel are the basic engine to drive the giant Mothership and various spaceships in all sizes. Corresponding resource plants, therefore, ought to be built firstly, before the other nine types of buildings indispensable in storage, electricity-generation, ships building, transportation, researching and center-control are unlocked one by one to make up the whole Mothership Construction. All these buildings, except the 4-level Command Center, are designed with 50 levels for players to upgrade.

With the galaxy being the main battleground, space ships are crucial to gameplay. There are a wide range of flying objects in this game, categorized into five general types ranging from the lowest Battle-plane, to Frigate, Cruiser, Battleship, and finally to the most powerful Flagship. Besides, each type can further branch out varieties, such as the Wind Fighter, Eagle Attacker and Raptor Bomber all under Battle-plane series.

Meanwhile, ships of different types and sizes can only be built in matching workshops, with battle-planes and small ships built in Light Workshop, medium ships and capital ships in Heavy Workshop, and flagship and mothership only in Large Dock that is equipped with specific tech, apparatus and blueprint, etc.

As to the tech involved, it is generally classified into two types: Military Techs and Producing Techs. Needless to say, technology research will greatly enhance the performance in army forces, resource yields and constructions level-ups, only at the cost of Star Coins.

Besides, players in Planet War will gradually upgrade their commander rank, from the lowest Second Lieutenant to the highest General, once requirements in various stats, points and Merit are met in fixed level. This is very similar to Operation Gamma 41, a Second world War-themed game.

In all, Planet War has novel Sci-Fi settings and a large quantity of Mothership construction elements, but lacks particular features that can stand itself out of the similar games.

Update: A new Game Star Supremacy and Galaxy Online 2.

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