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Please Stay Calm HD

Please Stay Calm HD

Release Date:  May 17, 2012
Publisher:  Massive Damage, Inc.
Developer:  Massive Damage, Inc.
Genre:  Fighting, Adventure

Please Stay Calm HD is a location based multiplayer zombie-themed RPG set in the apocalypse world.


Zombies have been the theme of many games on this or that platform but few of those fit their platforms so good like Please Stay Calm HD.

In this apocalypse world where zombies pose a global threat and governments leave people to their fate, you take the responsibility to slay zombies and rescue people. You are confronted directly with a zombie. Take up the chainsaw and defeat it. Come up with a name, and embark on the creepy adventure in this world densely populated by the undead.

Investigate a nearby place, outdoors, the forest, outskirts, the swamp, or the back alley. Grab the flashlight, avoid zombies, and scavenge the surroundings for any usable items. And it is time to kill zombies. At first, you have no weapons and hence can only punch or kick them. The combats are turn-based: you flip in one of the boxes on the screen bottom to decide you are gonna kick or punch the zombie closest to you-those boxes are only there for a few seconds each round and you better quickly spot the favored move and press it as soon as possible, otherwise there’s nothing you can do after they disappear – then the zombie bites you. Don’t relieve yourself after killing that monster right in front of you-the one behind it would readily replace it and come at you.

The character’s HP value decreases pretty fast and it is often not healthy enough to attend any battles. In that case, you have to wait for a very long time or buy a Health Pack available in the Black Market. Various weapons cause different damages. In the beginning when you have no weapon at all, three or four punches or kicks could take down an ordinary zombie while as you acquire the honey badger, you can do the job with a single scratch. But as you level up, you have to deal with more powerful zombies who are able to endure more attacks from you. Your weapons are naturally damaged little by little after use and repairs or upgrades are required sometimes.

The missions, of course, don’t just involve you in fights only. They show you around, helping you get familiar with everything this game has to offer. You may purchase a pair of safety goggles, explore a high school for Zombie Jocks, or search reachable areas for a helpful toolbox.

When presented on iPad, the game is terrific, especially in its detailed crafted zombies standing right before you, the item scavenging and the unique turn-based combat, which altogether create a realistic but easy approach to the widely used zombie confrontation element in recent games. Actually, everything feels so natural that I kind of blame this game for coming out so late.

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