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Release Date:  July 04, 2012
Publisher:  LYTO (M)
Developer:  Unkown
Genre:  Fighting

Pocamon is an anime style browser-based online fighting game with a hybrid of anime characters and movie stars like Harry Potter. The gameplay works in large part as Pockie Ninja does, but its artwork and character modelling are poorly executed.


Pocamon features dozens of characters inspired by beloved anime. Well, guess what? Those figures will be your enemies instead of your own characters. But after defeating them, you may get the chance to have some of those characters as your companions.

Pocamon is set in a world where players constantly travel around to encounter enemies of various levels from different places. All the places are presented with static, detailed and beautiful graphics. However, you would never see your character in motion except when it is in battle or traveling on the world map.

Like most of other MMORPGs of Chinese origin, Pocamon enables players’ levels to skyrocket at first. You can track the quests by clicking in the quest panel and your characters will automatically travel to the involved destinations and battle enemies. But as you reach level 18, you have to figure out how to complete the quests on your own. For example I accidentally enter the Dreamland where I will battle boss but when I enter the place, I could only see some characters lined on top of the interface, with only the first one available for attacking. I didn’t saw the boss and of course my character wasn’t involved in any battle after I click in the quest panel, which has always been the case previously. As the game page breaks down a lot, I thought this was another failure in server connection or something. But it was not. It turns out that I have to take down all the listed enemies so as to confront with the boss. Also, in Dreamland, one has to defeat all the characters in required time so as to claim the crystals and rewards.

Maybe it’s not always wise to ignore all the long descriptions and dialogs. Since most of the quests revolve around battling. I did nothing more than that and soon found myself defeated and couldn’t win no matter how many times I tried. And I kind of thought the game no longer playable after a disaster hit me. A support quest asks me to combine two of my companions. After making several attempts in vain, I finally combined two but I failed and in that way, the companion of the highest level was lost. My remaining companions were just useless and are dead after one turn in battles. That makes my character vulnerable and hence I could not make any progress in main quests.

Accordingly, I desperately searched for ways to increase companions and upgrade them. I could pick up any character from the selection, pay and then compete with it so as to incorporate it in my team. But the competition is not a battle of any kind – it’s a rock-paper-scissors game. And if you lose three times, the money is gone and the character is still not yours. Only after you win the character three times can you be able to have it in your team.

Once you succeed in adding companions, you will need to upgrade them so that they would be of help in key battles. That is anything but easy since you can gain experience and upgrade the companions only after you defeat enemies.

There is this slave system in the game that instructs players to defeat other players in order to keep them as their slaves and rob the slaves whenever they like. I was enslaved somehow without my knowing it and was constantly robbed by that ruthlessly player. Irritated, I tried to rebel several times but failed. Therefore, I was determined to take revenge. Nonetheless, when I finally reached a level higher than that player, I discovered I was unable to challenge the player because he or she was off line.

Pocamon is special. Affirmative. But it is sometimes special in a bad way. Many of the main quests involve killing one character several times. OK, what am I supposed to find if I have to kill many of the enemies again and again and again? Is that to make sure they are dead? Beheading would be a more merciful way, I believe. And the page breaks down a lot and sometimes I don’t even get the chance to see how the enemy looks like before it is killed – not that it is weak but the loading is very slow and it is in a dark shadow instead of a finely crafted animated figure. But when you ignore all those problems, you can still have fun in Pocamon. Hopefully.

4 Comments on Pocamon


  1. sam_son says:

    nice game! promo it!

  2. Raigan says:

    good game ..

  3. kyle says:

    its awesome

  4. Mike265 says:

    A very slow game… Not recommend unless it's can be a bit faster.

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