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Pockie Ninja 2 Social

Pockie Ninja 2 Social

Release Date:  June, 2012
Publisher:  Ngames
Developer:  Ngames
Genre:  Arcade

Pockie Ninja 2 Social (PN2Social) is a sequel to the popular anime-inspired MMORPG, Pockie Ninja where players step into the roles of those young ninjas, who are chosen to save the world from catastrophic demon counterattack. The game is developed by Ngames, a Hangzhou-based gaming company publishing Pockie Pirates and DDTank in English-speaking regions.

The closed beta is scheduled to be launched in July 4, 2012. For those of players who are not very familiar with the Pockie Ninja, Pockie Ninja II Social is a browser-based, Facebook-exclusive tactic game featuring team-based brawler and PVP fighting. The game is based on the famous Japanese anime Naruto, but it is not officially licensed.

The new sequel keeps the same dynamic and engaging combat system but tries to add a new village building system that makes it more in-depth. Players start the game as the leaders of ninja tribes and need to build their own villages from scratch. Meanwhile, they will also need to develop economy and raise ninja armies to withstand aggressive factions.

More playable characters have been added to the new sequel, players now can choose up to 84 different adorable characters. Characters are divided into four ranks in terms of their quality: blue, purple, red and gold. The higher the character’s rank, the more statistics can be boosted when they gain new levels. Gold ninjas are very rare and can be earned through very limited ways, but they can obtain them through either the ingame shop or the new synthesis system that allows players to combine any three lower-ranked ninjas and turn them into a new Gold one.


Pockie Ninja II Social deserves its name on every account.

Like many other strategy games out there, the game combines building and battling. The home area is presented in a side-scrolling style. You are going to place the dog house, weapon house, Ninja school, Meatball Shop and Book Store, plant bamboos and trees, and put up decorations in the area. Every now and then, you may collect revenue from the structures, learn new skills, and upgrade some of the facilities to required levels. All the structures are cute and unique. For example, the meatball shop has something resembling meatballs on its roof while the dog house and the cat house look like the animals themselves rather than their homes.

You could always send the ninjas, which are very small characters with comparatively big heads, to structures such as Book Store and Stone Mine to clean or to produce. To do that, you must click one of the ninjas and then place him or her wherever they are wanted. Interestingly, after you click the characters, they look like they are in much pain or you are doing something wrong to them.

They can attend battles as well. The game includes several small worlds, each with dozens of places, or stories. You need to challenge four times in each story before you get access to the next one.

Before each battle, you are allowed to change the formation of your team where the number of team members increases as you level up. Then click Automatic Combat button and thus the battle begins. You can also choose to fight on your own at the cost of gold, which is consumed to activate the skills listed at the bottom. The battlefield consists of dozens of grids where each one of your ninjas and the enemies takes up one grid. And since I selected the automatic combat all the time, I just watched the ninjas move from this grid to that and unleash different attacks.

Pockie Ninja II Social is not only special, but also irritating sometimes. Players are constantly asked to invite friends directly by the quests. There is even a list describing what rewards you can get by inviting the specified numbers of friends. And I really hate that.

73 Comments on Pockie Ninja 2 Social


  1. dutosunan says:

    when thiss game will release ??

  2. tomcray says:

    who are the gold ninja

  3. sherry says:

    need friends to play please add me and inbox me that your from pockie ninja or i wont add you

  4. Wolf Jasper says:

    Does anyone have Itachi yet? i can't get him and he's my favorite I only got one I ok which is Kakashi -_-

  5. pedromottola says:

    naruto e demais principalmente o rasengan

  6. Winston says:

    whats with the color of the characters?

  7. chin says:

    ต้องการ เพิ่มตัวละคร ทำยังไง อ่ะ มันบอกว่าบ้านเต็ม อ่ะ

  8. How do u get itachi ? do I have to buy him or get him in a mission?

  9. Lorenzo Dcunha says:

    can u please tell me how to synthesize ninjas

  10. caio felipe says:

    o naruto no level 30 muda de forma

  11. caio says:

    estou com duvida se o naruto muda de forma no level 30

  12. PockieSoa says:

    Gold, Silver, Prestige Generator

    Hi, I found this hack for pockie pirates. Im using this for 1 week and its still works. You can download it here : bbpcheats.blogspot.com

  13. add me 2 facebook id youd like

  14. ian dave dacuro says:

    i have already madara,kushin,and 4 th hokage

  15. I i have already madara,kushin,and 4 th hokage

  16. alfred says:


    i got all gold ninjas haha yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Shai1987 says:

    it it possible to remove ninjas from your team.. cuz i cant add new ones … 15/15

  18. Lera says:

    how to remove ninja?

  19. E.L says:

    I'm a noob. Add me as friend to get stronger!

  20. farko says:

    how to download this hack guys

  21. Lyle says:

    how do you restart your account

  22. rejienelle says:

    i cant play my pockie ninja

  23. Ega Nisa says:

    napa gk bsa maen pockie ninja

  24. Lucas Tadeu says:

    anao nao consigo joga o jogo foi excluido ??? eu tava amando

  25. karan says:

    how to play this game i cant get t started and also i played it on facebook now it is not there anymore

  26. Ahsan Latif says:

    please tell me how can i open the game

  27. this game has been closed for anyone who noticed this coment im very very very disapointed on the 321 company now that they closed all the pockie ninja games theres no reason for me to play any of the 321 company games oh and btw the i am ninja game sucks its bullshit i prefer to play bleach online cuz its almost the same shit but better until you bring back my favorite games im never gonna play your stupid games as you can see im very upset!!!! those games use to be the world to me bu yeah fuck you all

  28. nikos samson says:

    guys i play pockie ninja bat i don play pocki ninja ??

  29. nikos samson says:

    I want to play the pockie ninja but not Ben on fb can help making such can play pockie ninja 2 social

  30. Weasley says:

    pockie ninja di block ya ??

  31. dewa tara says:


  32. beo says:

    Please make this game in play store!!! Can u??? It makes a lot of fun to play!!!!make one!!!

  33. arief sr says:

    hot to play this game ?

  34. rio says:

    not found ??

  35. skjsks says:

    i have 4th hokage and madara already

  36. saroj says:

    how to play in fb guys?

  37. WTF !!!!??? ALB says:

    the problem is that the game is closed and have yet to open.
    please try to open it again because it is the most beautiful game I played

  38. Unknow says:

    how toplay this game guys

  39. cs:go says:

    Quite interesting, looking forward to returning

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