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Pockie Ninja II Original

Pockie Ninja II Original

Release Date:  July 25, 2012
Publisher:  NGame
Developer:  NGame
Genre:  Browser RPG

Pockie Ninja II Original is an anime style browser-based game developed by Ngames. The game differentiates itself from Pockie Ninja II Social and Pockie Ninja with well-presented animated battle and skill effects that perhaps are the best part of the game.


Good: Diversified and beautiful skills display. Clarified quest descriptions.

Bad: Movements are in battles only. Lousily crafted characters. Unnecessarily extensive tutorial quests. HP doesn’t recover after battles as often as it should.

Pockie Ninja II Original embraces and aggravates almost all the problematic elements in Pocamon, which is already disappointing enough. You just travel between different places to accept and turn in quests and challenge enemies repeatedly – I mean it, given that even main quests task you with defeating specified monsters eight or nine times.

You start the game by selecting among six adorable characters and you will soon wonder why bother. There are no clues as to which classes they belong to or what weapons they use until you’re done with the selection. The avatars are comfortably cute during the selection but are in simplified and lousy pictures throughout the game. And that is why it is a big relief that the protagonist appears only in battles and is invisible otherwise.

All the figures are static and you don’t even have to spot the monsters before challenging them – clicking underlined names would suffice in that case.

And it is ridiculous that I still have tutorial quests to take until I reach level 35. Actually even when I was at level 26, the tutorial quests was the only ones I got. Admittedly, the game has a lot of places and buttons that might be handy sometime but I really believe that main quests and support quests can cover that too.

At level 34, I somehow found the game unplayable. The only three missions available at the moment quested me with defeating boss monsters in dungeons in Hard mode – and by the way, they are all “Tutorial quests” – I have to stop because my character’s HP doesn’t always recover automatically after battles as the game expresses and it dies long before it even meets the boss. But later I tried several boundary quests and finally got enough experience to level up and accept the main quests, which are level-limited.

If there is something unforgettable about Pockie Ninja II Original (of course in a good way), it should be the diversified skills and their visual effects in battles. Upon entering the game I was involved in a battle and my character and its opponent utilized all these skills that I have never opened up so far and they are amazing. For example, my avatar cast a spell or something and then a huge ice block landed on the enemy; and the enemy disappeared and then reappeared in a distant spot and then attacked me. In later battles, my character had only one special skill, which is to revolve around the enemy and unleash consecutive attacks. That leads to sharp decreases in the enemy’s HP but sadly, the skill is used for only once in each battle.

Pockie Ninja II Original allows players to bet on a slot machine to win coins and special items. The machine enables players to select a line or just place bets on all lines, which would consume more coins but also bring much more gains. With that included, the game seems not applicable to kids though.

To some extent, there is not so much you can do in the game as in the predecessor Pockie Ninja and NGame’s Pockie Pirates. Clicking in the quest panel is what is needed in most cases. The battles are turn-based and automatic and therefore you can only wait for the results or skip the process by spending gold or gift coupons. And in the few cases when you cannot track the missions in the panel, you might have to click the Quest button and view the detailed descriptions before you would ever know what you should do. Fortunately, the descriptions are clarified and concise enough.

6 Comments on Pockie Ninja II Original


  1. Dark Driger says:

    I think there's a broken link? the play now button on this page, sent me to legend warrior?

  2. mmogamesite says:

    Hi, it is fixed, thanks for your feedback.

  3. Daemon Spade says:

    It is Fun but the loading is too long

  4. tayfun says:

    this game doesnt work anymore… it whas my fav game ever

  5. may favorite game pockie ninja 2 original im level 89 please come back pockie ninja

  6. im leve 98 plss send back the pockie ninja original its been 3 years i waited too much plsss

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