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Release Date:  October 13, 2012
Publisher:  Wild Blow studio
Developer:  Wild Blow studio
Genre:  Action

PonPon! is yet another game that entertains players with a simple gameplay but endless challenges and enjoyment.


As the graphics suggest, the game takes a simple but barbaric style of fight. You try to push all the enemies off an island in the air with your body while trying your best in avoiding falling off yourselves.

Easy enough, isn’t it? But that’s easy said than done. It is OK to fight against one or two common enemies on an island with some fences on the edge, which could prevent you as well as the enemies to fall. However, when it comes to the boss enemies, which outsize and outweigh your character, especially when there are two or three enemies, you might find little chance in winning the battle, let alone obtaining the three sapodillas which are available only when you complete a battle without being killed.

That of course calls for fluent controls and some enhancements. You gain coins, shells, and other items though hitting and killing enemies and completing quests. With the coins and sapodillas and other stuff you have earned, you can upgrade your characters, or savages, and craft superior pondas to increase your chance to win the competition.

PonPon shares a lot in common with most MMORPGs where players clear stages after stages, upgrade the weapons, and enhance the battling skills of characters. In PonPon, you still have to do that. And the otherwise boring and annoying grinding has now been enhanced with the simple yet exciting gameplay. You do have to enter the same map again and again until you can pass it without dying. Once you succeed, you can send your savages to raid the stage instead of challenging them again. The raid takes only a few seconds to complete but after each raid, you might have to wait for ten minutes or longer so that your savages would have a rest. And the enemy capturing kind of resembles the pet and companion capturing and hiring commonly seen in MMORPGs. As you level up, or to be specific, capturing more and more enemies of different kinds, you will acquire various skills which will be helpful in battles.

Those unique designs would not create much fun if you didn’t have the differentiated and dynamic savages as enemies. When there are two or more than two enemies, they sometimes bump against each other, though most of the times target at you. Both your enemies and you have three lives, which means one might reappear immediately after he falls off the island – as long as the savage hasn’t used up all his three lives or been captured. You don’t necessarily win the battle if you’ve captured or killed some enemies, because other enemies, or even much more powerful ones, would take their place. Those enemies boast the same skills or even better ones than your savages and to keep your advantage, you will have to upgrade your savages’ power, control, speed, stamina, and skill.

Yet there are still problems in the game. For example, one has to see the scene switching pictures every time he or she tries to open a page, even when they try to upgrade the savages. And that happens so much that anyone can easily feel annoyed.

By far, only the Adventure Mode, Shop and My Tribe are available while the Challenge and Dodge Mode are planned to arrive in next release. And I can’t help but hold high expectation for them.

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