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Release Date:  2010/11
Publisher:  Bigpoint
Developer:  Bigpoint
Genre:  Strategy

If one is familiar with the simulation and management games Farmerama and ZooMumba, one would probably be able to deduct that Ponyrama belongs to the same category. Published by the same German-based Bigpoint, Ponyrama is another free-to-play browser-based family online game which is targeting at relatively young players as well as casual gamers.

As demonstrated in the game title, it is explicit that entire contents are revolving around everything concerning horses, which may include raising horses, managing stables and farms, training racing horses, attracting visitors, and so on and so forth.

To be more specific, players need to purchase their own ponies to start, attempting to qualify the best pony farm owner. In Ponyrama, there are two main common ponies named Brownie and Bertie ready and handy to keep players’ company. Yet with the game forwarding, players will gain greater chance to get other rare breeds from Arabia, Iceland and other regions home to precious species of horses, after they earn enough money by running and expanding their stables and farms. Once players own ponies, they should spend time and energy in taking good care of those animals, which is no easy job. First and foremost, it is basic and fundamental to keep horses well-fed with sufficient food and water in clean and comfortable stables; then it will be better and more desirable if players are capable to offer best nutritious food to strengthen powers of those ponies and take horses into regular trainings to prepare them in racing competitions.

In addition to raising ponies, another important job in this game is to train them for racing. While the species of the animal play certain roles in racing ability, it is at least equally important for players to be training experts. Since many horses are traded among various owners, it is unavoidable for ponies to pick up habits from previous owners. If players find certain habits disturbing and impeding performance, experienced trainers should make remedies to correct their horses. Besides, if farms are profitable, players can also invest more in training and employ professional trainers to bring out the best of their racing horses in competitions. And those prized ponies will in return attract more visitors, meaning more profits to the players. Thusly, such a virtuous circle will enable players to succeed in pony business.

It is wonderful to own herds of horses in spacious and clean stables, and train them to be racing champions in competitions. It may be a daydream. Yet what does it cost to live that dream out in the free Ponyrama?

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