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Prime World Preview

Sara Lau
Feb 23,2012  03:02 by

Nival Network, the Russian company behind Etherlords series, Silent Storm, Blitzkrieg and Heroes of Might and Magic V, has come back with a new strategy MMORPG – Prime World, which is the 3 years’ effort from a hundred employees of Nival. It’s said that the engine alone costs one year to develop. Well, I can’t wait to try it.

My first impression with Prime World is in North America at the international industry trade show, the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3)  June 7 -9, 2011. People are invited to play the game. But even by now, it’s still difficult to describe Prime World in a word. The alpha test version I played days ago just shows a tactical battle between two teams of heroes, seeking to destroy the enemy base. This is not the only thing that will be in the game, and, according to developers, not even 50% of the planned.

It begins with choice of hero. The current version offers 8 male and 4 female characters. Oh, my dear friends, gender discrimination? Well, it is logical to have more boys in view of the large quantity of murder, defense and “jargon”. But it’s really an interesting mechanic for Prime World to reward players of opposite genders to play together, presumably to attract couples to the experience.

In PRIME WORLD, you can find almost all the standard set of archetypes: the hero-tank aimed at the protection and survival, a hefty man with a two-handed sword at least, who won’t breathe properly without fighting and literally HP of these killed creatures will be transferred to you, and the killer, a classic Summoner (even Piper, and Huntsman), Faceless, which plays the role of “horns” (invisible and dastardly attacking in the back), striking powerful magic upon enemies from a distance.

The only hero who is not 100% focused on eradicating the enemies out of humanity is Treefolk or someone else, if you choose another faction, an old men relying on the forces of nature and able to heal themselves and their allies.

The boys, as we know, there are always boys, so to expect them of something other than shouting “Blood for Blood ” would be too naive, and the creators of Nival Network took this into account. Psychology is very difficult to master, but essential for game creators. As to female characters, they were created with an eye on this science. I once spent a fairly large chunk of my HP and lose the battle to a female rival. Judge for yourself: the female characters focus more on survival and the support of allies. Their skills do not require a fantastic micro-controller (such as camera control), while the nymphs are all able and do work only on the area map.

The characters of different sexes, acting together, can greatly assist each other in the hour of extreme danger. So, the boys almost completely cure the dying girl, and there is 30 seconds of invulnerability for a family-member character. It is a good bonus.

There are two camps: the tech people who have mastered the power of steam, the power of electricity and power of machinery, and the elves who live in harmony with nature, magic and the organization of Greenpeace. The war broke out between them because of the fundamentally different relationship to Mother Nature and her gifts, such as a magical substance–prime, by which people operate machines to cast spells and elves. Apart from battling enemies, prime can also be earned by traveling outside lanes and fighting monsters hiding in the forests. Here’s a simple story of the confrontation between magic and technology. However, the equivalent characters of different races differ only in appearance. They even have the same capacity (for example, at least in the case in alpha versions).

So, choose a hero, devote yourself to the faction, and now it’s time to do some fighting. Battle in Prime World is a group of 5 heroes. The match, on average, lasts about 30 minutes. There are three long roads leading from one base to another, by which we are running at breakneck speed and enemy NPC-soldiers, constantly harass the barracks. For the sake of balance, the soldiers are growing in strength and numbers over battles.

But in the way of our loyal troops is the tower –insurmountable obstacles in the early stages of the game. To win the Match, you have to destroy, not only the enemies, the main structure on the enemy base. As I mentioned, there are five characters in a team, who will be dispatched to different path, so the mini-map is an indispensable tool that needs your constant attention.

Another important element that helps enrich the exciting experience of difficult battles is flags scattered all over the map. Yes, the battle for territory – the cornerstone of Prime World, you shot down the enemy flag, stand your own flag, and the casting color of enemy land changes with the flag. When there are three or more flags with the same color are stood in a line, it’s a special pleasant feel of victory.

The usage of map, by the way, can be interesting tactics. For example, some characters can almost instantly reach any area of your land, when being chased closely by the enemy, and why not collect just 3 or 2 characters and jump into the most unexpected place on the map to play a joke on enemies?

That’s all we know at this time about what will be the Prime World. We are told that each player will have his castle, like in Heroes of Might and Magic, where in between battles it can be useful to build different buildings and engage in the management of heroes. In PRIME WORLD, You are allowed to customize each hero’s talents to form a optimized team to take into battle and even trade talents with other players.

Apart from competitive PvP and casual building that can be performed on mobile devices to prepare for the intense battles, the game includes Minigames — to conquer a fast-paced action puzzle to provide support to fellow warriors.

But even at this early stage, Prime World impressed me as a very decent game that could stir up the market of online games. The game is expected to be released in the summer of 2012.

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