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Prius Online

Prius Online

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Publisher:  gPotato

A thought-provoking proverb goes like this: if you want to go fast, walk alone; but if you want to go far, walk together. It reveals the art of life and reflects the philosophy of relations. A nearby companion will not only expel loneliness and enhance the sense of security, but also can encourage the ability to love and exhilarate the happiness of being loved. This is the quintessence of the game Prius Online.

Prius Online, originally titled as Anima, is 3D fantasy MMORPG which is developed by Korean CJ Internet Company. Among all its features, the back story of this game will first catch players’ eyes and win their hearts. Delving into this game, players will meet an elf-like little girl named Anima without memory who is under the protection of a hidden god. Players will accompany this little girl venturing into unknown, mystical, dangerous areas to find her memories. During the whole journey, both Anima and her protector, i.e. the player, will keep each other’s company and brave danger and challenges together all the time. In the end of the adventure, players will grow into heroes.

Although it contains adventure elements, this game revolves emotional exchange as its core. Every player can have his/her unique Anima at the beginning of the game by finishing some quests. After that, players will take their own adorable dolls into adventures and control the little girls by a unique in-game Anima Mode. Under different operations, players can make their dolls to conduct different activities, such as waving hands, running, hipping with rustling skirt hemline and quietly sitting and waiting, etc. But Anima can not be simply treated as a follower or a pet. Instead emotional exchange and intimate bond are the meaning of companion. And only by interaction from heart to heart can players help Anima recall her past, get them through danger and finally make themselves heroes.

While the emotional system may win the favor of female players, its combat system can be said to design specifically to cater to the needs of male gamers. In this game, players can choose one out of four races, namely, Hum, Lon, Ayin and Beirah. Each race possesses special abilities and has different occupations to go with its uniqueness. For instance, Lon race is renowned for being militaristic, with warrior and hunter as its optional professions; while Beirah race is born artist who can raise morale and resurrect the dying with its special healing ability. Players in Prius Online will shoulder the responsibility to protect their little girls; but at the same time, Anima is also endowed with the ability to summon her protective god, who takes the appearance of a giant robot. With the help of this god, they can escape from great danger.

In the fantastic game world, each player can weave his or her own tale about the journey with a elf-like little girl called Anima, which means soul and sprit in Latin.

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