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Project Tank

Project Tank

Release Date:  March 26, 2013
Publisher:  GameBox
Developer:  ChangYou
Genre:  Action

Project Tank is a 3D browser-based online battle game from Changyou behind acclaimed titles like Wartune and DDTank. The game immerses players in team-based battles where they control tanks, spy on enemies, inflict damages, destroy enemies’ vehicles and seize their bases.


In the game, players select among the light tanks, medium tanks, heavy tanks and even anti-tank destroyers (with different moving speeds, attack and resistance attributes and function distinctively during fights), cooperate with their friends, and shoot enemies from whichever perspective that would allow for the maximum damage. As the progresses in the game, he or she will unlock more powerful vehicles and could select the ones they prefer to develop and upgrade the components including turrets, artillery, body, track, and engine.

About 60 types of tanks are currently offered in the game, ranging from the ones applied in early 1930s to those used during the Korean War in the early 1950s, with more than 140 more to be expected in future updates. Not only are those tanks designed based on the performance and specifications of the real ones, some battle maps in the game are even depicted by referring to the old photos and landscapes of certain historic battle fields, which unquestionably exerts a unique appeal to those who are fascinated about the history and the international warfare.


Project Tank is a browser-based action MMO featuring realistic warfare frontlines, historically authentic-looking tanks, intense fighting ambiance, and convertible viewpoints, fierce team-based actions and much more. Careful attention to details, great soundtrack and ease-to-pick-up control make this game a pleasure to play, though the game would fare much better if it came along with more innovations in terms of gameplay.

Pros: true-to-life warring ambiance conveyed through stunning 3D aesthetics and atmospherical sound effects; accessible game control; a plethora of tanks with unique specifications; convertible viewpoints from third person to first person.

Cons: long team-up time before battles; somewhat clustered and ambiguous interface; inadequate tutorial for newbies.

Luck is really not on my side this time. An enemy tank is pressing on at an alarming speed, knocking down whatever poses hinderance to its progress, be it a giant tree or a stone wall. Soon I was forced to have a clearer view of it: 50 meters or so away on the two-feet-deep snow was a huge awe-inspiring iron body, with a long gun protruding out of a solid and shinning turret. Its powerful tracks are continuing to print deep into the ground with a mixed sound of scrunching and grinding, and the gun is pointed to my direction….Yes, I am its prey, and mine is no match for it, which I know out of hunch. Hopeless environments always put one’s philosophy into display. And on the ruthless frontlines, this is mine: if I cannot be an invincible hero, I am resolved to be a useful martyr. So I reversed my tank, adjusted direction, and head forward at full speed. Incessant shots were being fired all the time, and I got the sting of bullets once in a while. The grievously lessened hit points warned me that destruction would not be far away, but death would not bring so many qualms to me this time, as I have drawn it into a circle of my allies successfully. Immersed in its shooting spree, the solitary enemy tank was unaware the approaching of our tank destroyer at its rear, one heavy tank on its left and a medium one on its right. The deadly shot finally came, and my world suddenly sank into a back and white desolation… Sometimes, being weak and vulnerable is not a shame, the real shame is you have not make most of whatever value you possess of. This applies everywhere, even in an online shooting game.

Teamwork is just one of the many compelling elements of Project Tank. Stunning 3D visuals, tension-engendering sounds, a dazzling array of tanks, and innumerable unlockable upgrades enable this game (abbreviated as PT) to hit a new high, through its neglection to provide sufficient tutorials about the seemingly difficult control is likely to push some off.

Not many tank-themed action games at present boast visuals as impressive and stunning as those in PT. The depot you are introduced to immediately after entering this game is enough to give you a good glimpse into the quality aesthetics of this game. The smart tanks will not fail to catch your attention in the first place, as they are the centerpiece of this game. Moving your mouse while pressing and holding the left mouse button gives you every perspective you might want to adopt. Aside from that, you can zoom in and out as you wish by rolling the mouse wheel. For sure, each and every tank is portrayed with finesse. Slaty gray, light brownish green, along with a handful of other unobtrusive colors will not fail to remind you of the strategic importance of camouflage in real wars depicted either in books or on-screen. Patches of flaked paints is another ingenious touch to achieve realism. Aside from that, glimmering lights, ancient fence-shaped handrails, somewhat greasy parking lot all contribute to creating a cryptic yet believable cloistered underground depot. However, this is only the beginning of your visual feast. Designed with reference to a large pool of pictures and landscape schemes of individual wars, the multitudinous in-game battlefields reconstruct history to the utmost. Now you are fighting in the snow-shrouded city, in next battle you may find yourself enmeshed by undulating dunes or winding small hills in the wild. Not only are the scenes true to life, individual actions are also intelligently and carefully charted out. For instance, when your tank is a light tank, generally you are forced to stop in from of a cumbersome barrier, like a big tree, a tall lamppost or a yard corner; but if your tank falls into the heavy type, it can actually take down everything weaker that lies in its way. There are times you may find that your tank should be able to fell an iron structure or something even stronger. Besides, if you are close enough to your target, you may even see the fricative sparks your bullets make on it.

Apart from great visuals, bountiful available tanks of American, German and Soviet Union will definitely issue an irresistible lure to tank game fans. There are light tanks, suitable for scouting, medium tanks nicknamed battlefield “master”, and heavy tanks that soak and deal powerful damages, as well as tank destroyers, a nightmare for all types of tanks. However, tanks of each type is woefully badgered by its own weakness, which is perhaps why they look and function so realistically. Light ones are poor at attacking, while heavy ones have vulnerable rear and side armor. What is more, tanks of the same type are individuated by attributes, as each one is characterized by a unique gun, turret, hull, tracks, engine and radio of different shape, color and ability, which bestow distinctive attributes on it accordingly. For instance, Pzl is a light tank model with 240 hit points, 65 horsepower of engine power, and a speed limit of 29.9 km/h etc; while MS-1, also a light one, enjoys 200 hit points, 43 h.p. engine power and a speed limit of 32 km/h. Modeling the tanks after the real D and S series, the developer not only succeed in bringing authentic visual impact but also make each of them functionally believable.

Gameplay and control will not seem strange to players who are acquainted with similarly themed games, like World of Tanks, and Operation Desert Sab. They are not innovative, but still they are quite absorbing. WASD plus mouse can basically meet all your mobilization needs, and as mentioned above, with a slight shake your camera, you can rotate your in-game camera. That is not all. The mouse wheel allows you to zoom in and out, which means you can flexibly change between third person point of view and the sniper’s viewpoint. For anti-tank destroyers, there is even a “howitzers” mode. There are some “magical” buttons for you to explore in this game too, like R and F, which enable you to move forth and back at different speeds. The game plays out really simple and smooth. At the beginning of each battle, the system will automatically allocate an equal number of players into two teams. It is really an intelligent game in this aspect, as the two teams are usually well matched in terms of tank types, so when you are a shabby light tank with low HP, you will not find counterparts from heavy types or tank destroyers. As the game requires teamwork, individual showing off is usually neither wise nor welcome. Going out all alone often incurs a greater possibility of destruction that in turn badly influence the whole team’s prospect. Each battle awards you with a certain amount of experience points and coins, that can be used to research into and purchase higher-level modules according to the development tree for upgrades. However, to own more powerful tanks, you may find it necessary to dip into your wallet and go through the twisted development tree.

That is not to say this game is not without some demerits, though. The thing I find most unsatisfactory is the long team-up time. It is indeed like casting a dice to see whether you can join the battle in 1 minute or two, three, four or even more minutes. Also the all too short tutorial is hardly enough for newbies, as far as I can see. More gamers would be attracted here if it could offer more detailed information about the mission, targets, and some auxiliary tools in the beginning.

The long and short of it is Project Tank is a great tank-themed action MMO game with a handful of interesting twists about upgrades, tank accessories, and battleground visuals. Though with a somewhat revamped content and gameplay (considering War of Tanks), the game is still fun and enjoyable.

37 Comments on Project Tank


  1. crono23 says:

    How dare you stupid idiots make a rip off of World of Tanks! Remove this game at once or I call the F.B.I!

  2. Geekster says:

    NO ARTY!!! This is one ripoff I can totally get behind.

  3. jastreb says:

    Well done.! I am sick of the WOT money making schemes such as releasing new tanks as OP so people spend gold to get to them as quick as possible only to be nurfed later.. Not to mention the blatantly obvious normalisation in game that tries to keep you on a 51-52% win rate. And no arty. Yeah I am supportive of this rip off.

  4. kat59757 says:

    This game sucks ass compared to the World of Tanks game that it ripped off. I hope that this game, it's developers, and it's published all get sued and have a terrible future. Why couldn't you just live with World of Tanks? Obviously you have some coding skill, so why not make a job offer with wargaming.net? You people are all dipshits whoever made this game.

  5. DMACK says:

    kat your a cry baby… now shut up

  6. Ted says:

    The song is a heavily edited version of(Forgot the name) by the Red Army Choir. The Maus actually has historical armor values, which is never a bad thing. Still, this doesn't sit right with me at all.

  7. TANGO_SEEKER says:

    I have played a game called World Of Tanks since October 28, 2011. I am just dropping by to say that this game is a rip off of W.O.T. (world of tanks) what happend to the copy right laws in this country

  8. guest says:

    i hope you get sued for ripping off world of tanks

  9. Guestius Maximus says:

    Screw all those haters out there about this being a game in which it harbors copyright infringement, as it doesn't use the same engine, though it does have /many/ similarities, it is a unique game as it is based, as a whole, on a browser platform.

  10. basho says:

    i can't play this game. tank will only follow order 20 seconds after i gave command and turret keep rotating by itself. arggghhh looks like i'm using a bot to me

  11. TheRandomKid says:

    Well, I do think that this game is TOO resembled to World of Tanks, well the tanks are nearly the same, besides the map i saw were a bit different, but the concept is about I would say, 70-85% origins of World of Tanks. I (MY OPINION, DON'T GET MAD PLEASE) that this game is a "copy" should I say, and I think that its not really fair to Wargaming to have their work used for another game unless credited to them. This is totally my opinion so please if you disagree I don't give a garbage what you think, I am here to give my review of what I saw that is all, thank you.
    World of Tanks player, ********* o7 (ask and I will tell) 🙂

  12. RobertSahlqvist says:

    You have just desrcibed World of Tanks you idiot who have been in stasis the last two decades.

  13. SerB says:

    Good job, guys! Go on.

  14. ggg says:

    does it matter? some people cant play WoT anymore because of the new improved 'physics' like me. this game is actualy sopposed to be another virsion for those who cant play Wot so i therefor am thanking the creators of this game so i can play a game like Wot

  15. meeeee says:

    battle is over before i can even get on the maps caen and berlin. gun sights are wortless , can't see them once you have them on a target. put center of mass in middle of circle and hope for the best. the shaking and rattling around crap sucks. 5 on 5 mm sucks. that siren sucks. nothing bounces which is rediculous .graphics are ok. controls suck , i use the arrows on right side of keyboaed in wot , can't do that here.
    is in beta right now , but can only give it a 1 on a scale from 1 – 5

  16. ggg says:

    it works for me

  17. Joe says:

    Shitty ripoff of WoT. Nothing works properly, ridiculous lag.

  18. ggg says:

    give it a rest, its a good game

  19. tankiste says:

    holly shit i have never seen a more obvious copy of an existing game. but finally a place where all those WoT noobs can go… imagine finally playing WoT without tohose crying kids "too much arty" or "why am i in t9 battle with t5 scout" and so on… so plase noobs leave WoT and start playing this shit 😉

  20. systema says:

    This Game is a great SHIT!

  21. jarda69 says:

    This is new WoT or what ?

  22. Mr Crop says:

    Jak dla mnie to tank project nie ma szans z wort of tanks ale no wreszcie coś sie dzieje. A to czy ta gierka jeszcze będzie udostępniona tego niewiadomo.

  23. asander0504 says:

    nice play:):):):)!!!!!

  24. XXX says:

    если в этой игре нет вбр что бы играть можно было честно то мне пох на вот

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