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Puzzle Chasers

Puzzle Chasers

Release Date:  June 15, 2012
Publisher:  Komami
Genre:  Puzzle

Puzzle Chasers adopts a similar approach in game making. It combines puzzle solving with the management and deployment of an estate. And it turns out to be perfect.

Following the story of Roxy and her ex-fiancé, who stood her up at their wedding, players are going to travel across New Zealand and other countries, and to investigate why the Great Wall of China is missing. Along the way, you will have to complete half-done puzzles each time the two come across new sceneries or mysterious items. The story is neatly embedded throughout the game and the puzzles are played between interesting conversations. Sometimes, that makes me feel like I am reading a comic book rather than playing a game.

In the puzzle grid, you can click any empty place and then choose the corresponding piece from the selection at the interface bottom. The shape of the empty place and the graphics around the place are the decisive factors in determining which piece you should choose. Sometimes you have to guess what color or what stuffs would appear on the correct piece. But the overall pictures occasionally depict bizarre and exotic items, leaving it impossible for you to anticipate. In those cases, only the shapes of pieces would give you clues. Don’t always look for the exactly same form however, because some pieces are placed upside down or reversed otherwise to confuse players. You could make use of the power-ups available at the bottom of the grid, which help fill the empty places in a row, in a line or in intersecting lines.

At the outset of each puzzle, the selection consists of only two pieces and then it increases by one each time you succeed in picking up the correct one until it includes five pieces. Once you fail to click the correct one, you would only have two pieces in the selection next time. That’s quite considerate and smart.

A blitz puzzle is available in the game, offering only one picture but changing it every week. In this puzzle, you don’t choose the empty place. The game has that taken care of already. All you do is observe the shape and graphics and then choose the correct piece from the selection. The time is limited and you’ve got to make quick and correct decisions to obtain more scores. Don’t be upset if you didn’t finish the puzzle – you are allowed to replay it any time during the week.

Players are rewarded with coins and special items. The coins are used to purchase items or even workers to deploy in your mansion, whose different sections are unlocked gradually as you solve required numbers of puzzles. And the special items are necessary for crafting some unique decorative objects.

But fun never lasts long before you feel obliged to pay for it. The coins, though offered incredibly generously, run out after you purchase several items. Each puzzle you play consumes your energy and you’re gonna purchase more or just wait to gain access to more puzzles once you’ve depleted your energy.

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