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Puzzle Pets Adventure

Puzzle Pets Adventure

Release Date:  April 20 2012
Publisher:  6 Waves
Genre:  Puzzle, Fighting

Puzzle Pets Adventure is a Facebook game with a mix of pet fighting and puzzle solving. You are in the mystical land of Nova, a world filled with powerful creatures that you can battle, collect, and raise to become the best trainer in the land.

In the very beginning, you should learn what elements do during a battle can give you an advantage, so you start by picking an element that best suits you from Fire, Earth, Wind, and Water. Each element gives bonus stat to your pet during battle, but it also has its set of strengths and weaknesses. Choose wisely.

After you have your element chosen, the system will help check out the map hotspots that can tell you if there is a pet we can battle in the area. If there is a star icon on the hotspot, it means a quest is also available.


Puzzle Pets Adventure is the latest Facebook RPG that takes you to the island of Nova. Players in the game are designed as pet trainers, and your objectives are complete the pets album by collecting all the available pets found in the island, and to train a team of powerful pets from those that have been caught to compete against teams owned by other trainers in order to eventually become the strongest one. Sounds familiar? Yes, Puzzle Pets Adventure is a collectible monster battle game inspired by those famous old-school games like Pokemon and Digimon. But Puzzle Pets Adventure adds its own special twist to make it stand out from others. Blending an RPG with the match-3 puzzle mechanism sounds a bit odd, but it just worked.

Actually, the game does not leave players much to do apart from combats. In non-combat idle time, players are just presented with a static island overview map dotted with different flashing icons indicating difficulty of random confront battles against wild pets. There are very few conversation scenes conveying the game’s story. You just keep doing quests and almost every quest just requires you to either find and capture the designated pet or defeat the evil trainer. Then you just click the flashing event icon on the map to commence the battle. Without introducing some side-scrolling maps which players can freely explore to trigger different events, the PRG part of the game is a bit monotonous.

But the combat portion is where the game shines. You have to match gems and other items by swapping the positions of two adjacent ones in a rectangular 8×8 grid. When in the battle, you need to match 3 or more “swords” to deal physical damage, or match 3 or more different colored gems to earn mana which fuels your pet’s various spells and special attacks. Additionally, if you manage to match 4 items of the same kind, you will get a “bomb”, which can be matched with any two adjacent same-colored gems, causing the entire line crushing. The combats can be just as exciting and involving as they were in the original. You constantly need to think a few moves ahead, in order to ensure that you won’t leave your opponent in any advantageous position: pets’ special abilities are broken down into the eight basic element signs. Some abilities require only 1 of the 8 mana type to cast, but there are many more powerful abilities that require a combination of 3 or more required mana types to cast. So you have to strategically calculate which mana gems to grab to make the best use of your monsters’ abilities. On the other hand, AI enemy takes its turn at a regular interval of time which is indicated by a constantly depleting time gauge. So the key to win a battle is just FAST. You need to act swiftly enough to create attack chances as many as you can during enemy recovery time. Defeated pets can be captured using “nets”. Also, the success rate of capture varies from different kind of nets. “Golden net” is the rarest and has a 100% success rate, so just don’t abuse it.

In Puzzle Pets Adventure, the time you have to wait until your energy regains is too long. What is worse is that, even though you realize that the automatically assigned enemy in the random encounter is too tough to you and you choose to quit, it still consumes energy. It is very maddening especially when you try to find a rare pet required by the quest. Having to wait an hour to regain one point of energy is just ridiculous.

Overall, Puzzle Pets Adventure is a good game. The role-playing part of the game lacks contents, but the combat part can more than make up for its drawbacks. The game should have kept every player glued to the screen, hadn’t it enforced such a pesky energy system.

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