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Puzzle Treasure

Puzzle Treasure

Release Date:  05/03/2012
Publisher:  6 Waves
Genre:  Puzzle

Puzzle treasure is a series of hollow patterns to fill with geometry pieces. In other words, you put together the stone pieces to make a key for various keyholes. Once a key completely fits into the black hallow part of a door, the door is unlocked, and the treasure behind the door is yours.


Well, don’t be scared by “pieces”. These geometry pieces, though varied in size, form, color or even material, won’t contain any other angles than 90°, 45°, 135°. Thank god! Too easy? You don’t need any scientific means to solve them? You can tell the wrong clash from the right fitting sound with your ears? You can deliver the right stone to their right place by your eyes feeling conformable or uncomfortable? You will leave such things for your kids and take care not to be seen playing it by your kids? This is why you feel insulted in playing when what seems too friendly to be a challenge so often becomes cool and cruel. Anyone to play the game must consider my warning—take it seriously!

There are multiple modes to begin with. Adventure quest is 6 free puzzle series and 2 purchasable, namely 8 treasure rooms to explore. Puzzle Arcade is a list of 18 easy single puzzles, 18 medium, 18 hard ones for free; 9 puzzles for each difficulty level (easy, medium and hard) for purchase. Of course, the free ones ask for energy. 10 for single easy puzzle, 15 for medium, 20 for hard. Each Puzzle series in Adventure Quest and Time Attack (meaning multiple doors to go through before reaching your treasure) may require 20-50 energy according to their rewards and 10 energy means 10 minutes to wait. There is timer set for Adventure Quest and Puzzle Arcade, but you won’t be stopped when time is up. However, it means no low time bonus and less stars that are needed for level up. When you solve a puzzle, the energy is returned to you. When you take too long or quit it midway, you lose everything, which is the case for most of the enduring players.

Besides treasures, a solved puzzle rewards you artifact pieces to restore a museum artifact. When you succeed in forming the wings of a statue, you can get more than treasure.

Doing easy quests, you may choose to exchange energy for gold coins by clicking the non-free chests. But later, your gold goes to energy packs much more frequently. If you are some expert at these puzzles, you also run into shortage, the shortage for more chances to prove yourself against the maker. The patterns of selling puzzles are blocked partially so that you cannot analyze the keyhole in advance.

Although with no such quests as asks for friends to help finish, the game is naturally a hottest arena for such puzzle solving. People buy energy to enable a puzzle, buy the puzzle itself to trouble them. They even buy special stones to beautify the solving process. It’s proved that intellectual competition is much more addictive.

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