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If one grows tired of the moral theme of righteousness over pure evil and wishes to dabble into a non-judging story with equally cast mischievous roles, if one dreads bloody and strained combats but does not repulse a few fun-making deviant acts like plundering and theft, and if one has no desire to become a hardcore player but only wants to while away a few unoccupied minutes, one will for certain find Qraut is a perfect game to play.

Qraut is a free browser-based game which carries on a touch of lighthearted humor. It is set in a back story reminiscent of a fairy tale from childhood, in which two sheep named Eberl and Ingen are in constant naïve conflicts against one another. With a handful of options, players are able to personalize in-game avatars of their own. After character creation, players can follow their own hearts to join one side and fight the opposite one, their choice immune from any moral inclination.

With a concise interface and clear storyline, this game provides players with dozens of different activities and tasks to pursue merry-making their own way. In this game, there are three resources listed as Gold, Crystal and Qrautköpfe. There are diversified accesses to gain and accumulate these resources. Players can get gold via following activities including common honest ones such as working on the gold mines, running patrols and fighting against enemies as well as ignoble ways such as plundering and theft. Once gaining gold, players can spend them in purchasing new equipment and weapons or equipping their avatars with more advanced skills, which will in turn make them more powerful in battles to gain more gold. And crystals can be gained through working in mines and winning mini games; and these crystals will also be bartered for edge-cutting advantages against rivals. As to Qrautköpfe, it can be earned or bought directly to help players gain upper hand.

To make the game more interesting and more interactive, players can create a clan or join a ready one. Members of a clan can build their unique domicile and festooned it as well. Also clan combats will have larger scale and more fun. In addition to clan, another choice for players to cluster together is founding a guild, in which each player will take a position and handle daily duty. All in all, activities mentioned above can be said to revolve around one goal, that is, to fight for resources which in turn assist fighting.

Easy to learn and control, Qraut has a great potential to fill one’s short, spare time with ease and pleasure.

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