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Quantum Conflict

Quantum Conflict

Release Date:  August 2012
Publisher:  Rumble Games
Developer:  Aquiris
Genre:  FPS

Quantum Conflict is a Facebook-based first person shooter powered by Unity 3D. The game is developed by Aquiris and published by Rumble Games, the maker of KingsRoad.


Aquiris’s Quantum Conflict, without a doubt,  is one of the best Facebook games I’ve ever played. Based on the initial sneak peek trailer, I was expecting a thrilling FPS set in a post-apocalyptic futuristic world. The game is now undergoing closed beta test, so most game features will be unveiled publicly after its official release. As a typical FPS, Quantum Conflict just has what many other shoots can offer. By now, it offers a standard “annihilation” mode. Players play the same way as regular Team Deathmatch, which pits two factions of up 8v8 on the map. However, currently there is only one multiplayer room with prebuilt setting available in the online lobby, which means players are not able to pick which map to compete in, not to mention hosting a private room secured by password.

There’s really no plot here in Quantum Conflict, no opening cinematic, no narrative intro and no cut scene conversation, which is also a bit of shame. All the basic characteristics of your standard FPS can be found here: Each player is equipped by prebuilt weapon and gear: an assault rifle, pistol, grenade, melee or ranged. Generally, the controls are pretty responsive and smooth, though camera panning is a bit slow for me and I found nowhere to adjust the mouse cursor sensitivity. Visually, the game is satisfying. Although the Unity 3D engine is not the prettiest beast out there, there are plenty of animations that create vivid and smooth look. The gun models are the most realistic looking of any other web-browser FPS; the colors are incredibly vibrant; the environmental textures are also realistic and complex enough to easily find camouflage for you to be hidden; the lighting and shadowing effects are impressive; besides, when you aim your weapon by right-click of the mouse, the surrounding scenery will become blurry, mimicking the human eyes’ retina focusing on targets from distance. Overall, the graphics quality is quite good, very similar to the way that Call of Duty or Offensive Combat is.

For the downside of the game, it’s quite disappointing that it has no leveling system and customization options at all. This is quite different to most other social games, in which players can spend credit awarded from combat or real world money on their weapons and custom outfits. For me, without a persisting leveling and ranking system, the game can never keep me hooked on no matter how frantic the combat is. Gameplay in Quantum Conflict makes me feel like I’m totally accomplishing nothing. After all, leveling, customization and achievements are the most important aspects of online FPS; although gun handling, level designing and everything else are still important, but they are secondary. This is why engaging in combat carried out in a simple square box with only 2 spawn points in Counter Strike or Cross Fire is still very fun.

In conclusion, Quantum Conflict is visually titanic, but the rest features of the game make it far from satisfying. Besides, it requires a relatively high specification computer and a powerful dedicated graphics card to run. I also noticed that, the process of the game took too much of system resources. I was under the impression that some animated images ate 80% CPU usage of my i5-2450m cpu of dual cores, which is too much for a browser-based game. This explains why the game is rarely played currently. I am assuming and hoping that the game developer still have something awesome up their sleeve for the open beta phase.

5 Comments on Quantum Conflict


  1. Jim Tso says:

    Thanks for the great review! Just to let you know, Quantum Conflict (working title) is still in early alpha and have big plans for a lot more features and optimization to address your concerns. Stay tuned!

  2. Jason K-Ruin says:

    This game confuzzles me. I keep getting Closed beta invitations but the page is 404.

  3. Anonymous XD says:

    no the game is now ballistic not quantum conflict anymore pls notice that they changed the title 😀

  4. Honestly, I haven't beaten the game yet, but I found myself greatly entertained by the uncle, mostly because he was a sarcastic bastard that obviously didn't really want you there. Nevermind that this was amplified by the fact that you're just a kid and he's talking to you like this. I thought he was hilarious. Maybe not as good as GladDOS, but yeah. I've been playing it in small bursts and honestly, I love it.

    I would definitely love to see a sequel as well. Great review!

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