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Quests & Sorcery – Skyfall

Quests & Sorcery – Skyfall

Release Date:  October 15 , 2012
Publisher:  Mobage
Developer:  Mobage
Genre:  Action, RPG

Quest & Sorcery – Skyfall is a mobile RPG from Mobage, the maker of the most popular RPG Rage of Bahamut and Blood Brothers.


Developers all tend to fuse various traditional or classical game elements in one package, as an effort to create a new game. Those who made Quests & Sorcery did the same thing. And they succeeded.

In essence, Quest & Sorcery , which looks like The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot, is a typical RPG where players explore world after world while sometimes adventuring in dungeons. As the combat is turn-based, every player has to try his or her best to obtain superior weapons, sharpen their skills, and bring enough HP potions.

However, the exploration takes a different, though never unique, approach. Remember how you expand you land in Facebook social games? You clear the grass and bushes and trees, or clear the fog that covers the unexplored land. Well, in Quests and Sorcery, all the worlds are divided into grids, each with its own cover. To explore the grids of land, or to be specific, to engage yourself in battles or to find your destination, you have to clear the cover first – and if you are lucky, you might remove the covers of several grids sometimes.

That not just adds twists and turns to the otherwise monotonous and tedious exploration. It helps introduce an energy system. Every time you clear the cover, you consume one energy point and naturally as long as you run out of energy, you can only stay wherever you are or go back to already explored areas to search for something to do.

And, you may never know when you will encounter enemies in your journey. Once you clear a cover under which one or more monsters hide themselves, you will get involved in battles. You can equip your character with a maximum of four skills in battles, or in some sense, weapons, and change the weapons you use during battles to cause the greatest possible damages on your enemies. Like many RPGs, Quests and Sorcery incorporates a rage meter and the greater your rage is, the more powerful skill or weapon you can utilize. There are no skill shortcut keys. You choose the skill you would like to use from the bottom, tap Begin button at the center and wait for the Attack Indicator to move across the Combat Action bar. The bar is divided into three or more sections, among which the red one allows for critical attack. That is to say, you can unleash a critical attack if you manage to tap the Finish button when the indicator is in the red section. Otherwise, you will only launch normal attacks or just miss the target. The mechanics shares a lot in common with that of recent fishing-themed titles, for example, Fishing Stars and Go Fishing.

In the cases where you are confronted with monsters that cause great damages, you may need to find several companions or at least have enough HP potions in your bag. The good news is that you don’t have to spend rage in recovering your health or wait for any cooldown, you add HP to your character whenever you like, during or between battles, though you’ve got to make sure you use the potions before the enemies drain your avatar’s blood.

There is nothing you haven’t seen before. But Quest & Sorcery – Skyfall embraces tricks from social games and fishing titles so well and manages to offer an exploring and battling experience like no other.

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