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Quest’n Goblins

Quest’n Goblins

Release Date:  2012
Publisher:  Bigpoint
Developer:  Core X Group
Genre:  MMO Crawler

Quest’n Goblins is a browser-based mob dungeon crawler being developed by Core X Group, a Frankfurt-based online gaming studios behind Nemesis 2030 and World Wide Wars. It will be published by Bigpoint next year and there is no release date at the moment.

Featuring stunning graphics and non-stop action, Quest’n Goblins lets players to delve into a fantasy world and experience hack’n slay adventure. Through catacombs and dark tunnels, they are able to hack and slay hordes of monsters along their way to perform quests and tasks.

Unlike those client-based MMOs, Quest’n Goblins does not let you download a huge game client but you need to load a plugin container that supports the game. The game also takes on skill and spell casting, weapon crafting, as well as PVP-centric challenge. Players could be eliminating Goblins-looking creatures and skeletons with powerful and sophisticated combinations of weapons and spells.

However, what matters on the game should be its diversified maps such as mysterious swamps, dense forests and ancient carves. In these maps, players could encounter different boss monsters and get unique loot drops. What is more, social connect is another highlight. On your adventure you will always be accompanied by your own personal Goblin horde that supports you in fight. So try to add more friends and get socialized to do quest and handout.

Are you ready to pick your weapons of choice and explore the catacombs of Ethreon. Amass horrid mobs, wacky Goblins and take advantage of their unique skills to fight the dark menace plaguing the world of Siranor.


As we all know, since Blizzard’s big hit Diablo came out in December of 1996 and the game with style of dark atmosphere has attracted a lot of players as well as developers. The German-based developer Core-X Group just announced the launch of Quest’n Goblins, the browser-based hack&slash game feels like one of the games which lead you to the dark dungeons and spooky catacombs.

The background story of the game is simple and fairly formulaic. Player plays as a knight, and is tasked with the fate to fight against the dark menace underneath the ground. The graphics of the game features a static 3D environment with characters and monsters rendered in real-time 3D. So players are able to freely rotate the camera angle in 360 degree with the character being the focus. Players also have the freedom to zoom in the camera, which gives better details to characters. The game uses richly detailed meshes to render both player character and monsters. Besides, the same detailed meshes are applied to create vivid and dynamic shadows effect in the game. I can say the complexity of 3D modeling is second-to-known among recent 3D browser games.

However, as I got to immerse myself into the game a little more, I could hardly find anything else that could leave me good impression. It is regretful that the plain and boring gameplay downgrades the outstanding 3D effect to mere eye candy. From my own point of view, a good action-packed RPG must bring players excitement of fast-paced combat. Players have to react quickly and take tactical actions to take down as many enemies as possible, especially when they swiftly appear in close range and try to swarm you by their sheer force of numbers. However, combat in the game appears to be slow-paced. Actually, I just experienced a very tough start during the first few hours, because I find myself even have trouble to face off against a small group of 3-4 clumsy zombies and skeletons. So, every time I have to control my character cautiously in order to attract the attention of one enemy among the patrol and then take out the others one by one. Monsters do not drop gears and potions; instead, they drop something like “Scorpion’s Stinger” or “Dungeon Spider’s eye”, which might be some ingredients for item-crafting. But so far, I have no idea how to put these things into practical use. This mechanism may disappoint those players who expect for a Diablo-like mechanism featuring tons of random gear drops.

Another problem that drags the game down lies in its boring battle scenarios. For example, the repeatedly framed dungeons, as a result, let me getting lost in confusion. Regardless of whatever unknown interesting mechanism may lie ahead, unfortunately, spending couple of hours in slowly grinding side-quests at pretty much the same dungeons has already bored me.

The biggest problem with this game, however, is short of mechanisms combined with social elements: there is no chat window or option offering co-op and co-ordination. It’s true that the visual effect in the game is awesome, but it is still far less inferior than client-based MMOs, not to mention its boring combat and monotonous item system. Will the game last? That’s a very tough question. To be honest, the game really needs to pull something magical out of its sluggish perform in beta session in order to survive against tons of others, otherwise, I think people would rather find a quick pick-up casual game or a client-based MMORPG with more gorgeous graphics and a more in-depth system. Luckily, game producer promised players a worthy gameplay experience by making some potentially breaking changes later. So I’m still waiting to hear the good news.

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  1. Fafhred says:

    This game has a link from http://www.core-x-group.com/QnG/index.html to BigPoint ( [Play the Game] ).
    For a while, this arrived to a page taking obout this game on BigPoint; that page has been gone for some time now, and there is no trace of this game left anywhere on http://www.bigpoint.com/ , including in the 'coming soon' section.
    I cannot find any recent news about this game, therefore I suspect that its development may have been terminated.

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